Someone Was Invited

Invited, arrested all and all, EFCC do your work. Akpabio and every other officeholder in Nigeria need to be investigated. I hear Suswam has been picked up? There is a lot of illicit movement of monies meant for the common good of Nigeria. Bloggers who do gossip blogging make a lot of money killing stories that should alert the public to activities of half of these people who trade our current and futures for orgies and other ridiculous activities they missed out on in their 20s. We don’t do gossip blogging (😅 – my husband would leave me, my father would disown me, my mother would have a nervous breakdown and I won’t sleep well at night). I am far from sainthood, but I distance myself from mamy things.

This is a picture of the Abama with American prostitutes boarding the plane. It belongs to a state government in Nigeria. I will leave you to do the diggings. All I am saying is they should stop thinking money meant for the good of Nigeria is for their personal use.

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6 Comments on Someone Was Invited

  1. The invitations should be bringing meaningful results!
    Corruption should be fought.


  2. Lost for words.


    • Enjay even me- I saw the whole conversation and what I kept wondering was whether these old men didn’t have enough sex in their lifetimes.


      • Lol. And even if they didn’t, it’s government money that should be used. International runs oh! Local one no reach again. Nigeria, we hail thee.


  3. Well EFCC has to be diplomatic too, any form of error can be spell disaster for them. Private jets,reckless spending etc all is vanity


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