Creative or Reckless


Is this creative or Reckless? For me I am wondering who her advisers are and who gave her this baby. She wants us to talk about her, and we are talking. But will we listen to her music? I know I wont!

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  1. Cynthia Morgan…..she just loves controversies.
    I don’t blame her sha, it’s the mother of the child I blame.


  2. Ill say creative. The picture depicts two sides to her 1) the bad girl Cynthia Morgan we know 2) The girl/mother caring side as she carries the child. I see nothing wrong with the picture.

    As for listening to her music, its a thing of preference. I think she has a strong unique voice. If she drops a dope track. Ill listen.



    • kon i went looking for the other picture after I read your post. I guess she is trying to make a statement.

      I don’t even know who sings what anymore these days. lol. Old age is setting in.


  3. I’m on the fence on this one. At first I Thought it was reckless but I later saw a post where she explained better. according to her, there were two pics, one of a responsible mother and another of an irresponsible mother with the cigar. she said she was trying to tell a story about two women and the cigar wasn’t one.

    I’m on the fence because in her own way she’s trying to shed light on the use of drugs and being irresponsible while pregnant but i’m not sure if i will be comfortable if my child was used.


  4. Hmmmm “I comment my reserve”. I love her music tho.


  5. // October 20, 2015 at 09:10 // Reply

    I think it’s neither… I don’t see what all the fuss is about either because I don’t see any fumes. That cigar isn’t lit and if the baby’s mother isn’t worried then why are we?


  6. In the entertainment industry, controversy sells worldwide. The known rule is that if you don’t want your business in the public, don’t attract unnecessary attention so, go figure. As for who will listen to the music, Miss Pynk, you will be amazed at the rate Nigerians too want to feel of what’s behind the controversial picture. Meanwhile, this is just plain WRONG!


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