The Fossil-lator

I know you are wondering what I am talking about? Nigeria’s current president is a fossil-lator. Imagine my first reaction when i noticed every one on his ministerial list is 50 and older? Keep in mind at least half or Nigeria’s population is under 40…so we are bringing in people who are “quarter to die” to come put in place policies in which they have no vested interest as many of them will be dead in the next 10 to 20 years anyway…if that long even. I have several issuess with the administration so far…

1. You left our economy in limbo for 5 months…an economy that is not thriving to begin with. Only to dash our hopes even further?

2. You recycled the same people who have played active roles in previous other governments, which have been no good to come back with their second hand policies as ministers? I am in my 30’s and I recognise 75% of the names on the lists. Same input, but you expect a different output?

3. One of the nominees was been questioned, the guy was going on about coal…please in which decade or century? Our mates are using clean energy, we are looking for ways to kill of our citizenery with pollution linked issues like cancer and infertility? Half of these people cannot operate a smart phone or ipad beyond the basic and probably cannot even order a cab on they can’t even think in terms of development. Same way everyone is complaining universities are overcrowded…i went to University in America in the late 90’s and we had been using blackboard to submit assignments etc. I did my masters in 2007 completely online…easy way to decongest and grow revenue – online Education.  Just proctor the CBT maybe 4 times a term. That way they are not all on campus at the same time. If you worry others will take tests for the students…match a picture id to the face before test…finish. weight the assigments or tasks fairly so whoever got outside help will be evened out when they sit in on a test for themselves.  You don’t go from 100 to 19 in the same subject matter just like that.

4. Buhari and his advisers have fully demonstrated they are “winging it”. Let me explain…you contested elections 3 or 4 times, you had a 12 year period to consider a cabinet and lets even say ok, you joined APC to get the last win. are indebted to them. You had two months before swearing in to pick ministers, but you waited 5 months after? The Conservatives won in the UK, thats same day the, the cabinet was announced. I am just saying…

5. The ministerial screening is a joke…Senate are acting like a bunch of kids that realise they are on MTV for the first time. Nigeria that is broke is paying these folks so much money that they produce TV shows for us?

I propose to whoever is running in 2019 to start showing their faces, because I don’t see this uncoordinated set of people going beyond that. We are Nigerians and we have a right to hold you accountable.

Thats my two Naira for today.

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  1. This one is more than two naira. 🙂
    I kept smiling while reading. You’re really back. You and this Uber people…… ;). Sound the alarm, Miss Pynk is back and craves for the better. You ‘spoke’ well, very well indeed.

    I have a problem with the age thing, is there a law in the constitution that does not support getting younger ministers?


    • Enjay, somedays I am back, somedays I just want to sleep. Lol. My issues with these older people is their thinking in terms of forwardness. They are the same people who got us to where we are today – a culmination of their actions and complacency.


  2. Well I’m seeing an increased number of your pple with SSA positions. I guess the babas are sharpening up and bringing in folks who are current to help our. Archaic ways won’t score points


  3. While there is valuable cause for call outs, I am not exactly in harmony with the notion that Mr. President is bringing in people who are “quarter to die”.
    That said, just yesterday on my drive home, I was wondering, when will the younger generations be given the opportunity to govern this Nation? Even though we may start off by assuming we know better and make some mistakes along the way, it’s better to start early so we can overcome the mistakes early too to the point of getting the better Nigeria that we want.
    But then, ‘given the opportunity’, who will give the opportunity? No one until the younger generation find a way to take it by force, there will be no change in the direction that we want.


    • Buki what is Nigeria’s life expectancy? The quarter to die is not an insult – many of these people have lived out the majority of their lives. As for young people coming in, we are on the same page.


  4. Ms Pynk I tire for our country, our educational system is zero no beyond zero. I got my first degree in Nigeria in one of the science s moving to the U.S. Shame no gree me talk. Lets just say I struggled in my classes for a while


    • CC we are brilliant crammers and regurgitators – hence the struggle. for the life of me, i can’t even pass a subject such as psychology – my skills in that context are limited.


  5. It’s a hopeless situation! Nogerian politicians are the worst of the worst! He complains PDP ruined the country, but take a look at all his allies; most of them have been in the PDP at some point! Just look at OBJ forming holy?! I have suffered sha. The kind young people that should be complaining, most of them are busy shouting “sai Buhari”. O di nma. I have bigger problems jo, winter is coming. Let me think of something else; anything but Nigeria.


    • N at OBJ forming Holy. Lol….OBJ is OBJ there are many days where I am like OBJ was good for Nigeria and days I am like baba why now. But we gotta remember OBJ like the others are old and they do what the hell they feel like.. it comes with age.. they also say what they feel like.


  6. Where do i even start from……I have some issues with ‘The Fossil-lator’, but i’ll just try to make it brief.

    It’s obvious that it’s only when they need votes that they remember the youths. After all the ‘SAI BABA’ chants and campaigns on social media, and then eventually they won the elections, now we are back to being neglected. Soon after, they said he was ‘BABA GO-SLOW’, and that he was taking time to figure things out, we gave him time to wake up from his slumber, and then what does he do? Same thing they always do……recycle the OLD CARGOS back into power (apologies to anyone who’d take offence at my use of certain terms but shit is beginning to get real).
    For me, i think BABA FOSSIL-LATOR had all this planned out from inception and it wasn’t a last minute thing. As it is now, nothing about this country will suprise me anymore, cos its just the same ol same ol people we are dealing with. As for the future of the youths of this country, na Baba God hand e dey, cos if i were to judge from where i am sitting (abi na typing sef), I can’t see any thing different from the norm.

    I remember clearly in 2011, when he said that it will be his last time of contesting, and if he loses the election, he won’t ever come out to contest anymore…..but then like play like play, in 2015 THE FOSSIL-LATOR emerges as a candidate……



    • Nkechi you really followed this guy. I never cared much for him, however I felt his was the lesser evils given the complacency and outright ridiculousness of the Jonathan administration. However he is sleeping with if not the same enemies or even a worst set. I hear Customs is sitting up, so that might be a step in the right direction.


  7. Pynk you deserve…what drink is it you like again?
    The man who mentioned coal literally punched my shoulders! I was like what? Did I read right?!! Coal?!
    I don’t want to even talk about the other pettiness’ that went on in the name of screening.
    Anyway, make we dey look and see how it goes.


    • I will take anything with alcohol right now – No I am not pregnant but can’t drink.

      Lounge “you and me both” i was like waaah cooooo-who?


  8. It was a big insult to our sensibilities for Mr. President to spend a whopping 5months + to get his cabinet. The sad thing is the disappointment that ensued soon after we got the names.

    Honestly, I don’t foresee any major change.

    I really want to be wrong or be proved wrong.

    As for the youths, we ain’t ready t all. We just paying lip service. Where are the honorable youths. These old cargoes have pocketed them. The few that we can point to will not survive the political terrain.

    I just tire


    • Clare could it be we are just hungry or are programmed to look for our next meal ticket? Because a lot of the Sai Baba chants on social media were “sponsored”.


  9. Touché, Pynk!


  10. The ministerial list is what i don’t get the like is this the change


  11. Punintended // October 17, 2015 at 18:36 // Reply

    Grown elderly men, some of whom have demonstrated competence in their previous offices are who you call ”quarter to die” just cos you’re trying to be provocative.
    Miss pynk, your views on politics are rather…simplistic. Anyone who has ever read a newspaper can see that.
    But my biggest disappointment is ”quarter to die”. How can you refer to another human that way.


    • punintended- welcome. And thank you for sharing your views. Have many of these people not lived out a long portion of their lives? Nigeria is operating on a reward system and provided we continue to do that we will continue to walk the road we are on. It is these same people through consciousness or complacency that got us where we are.


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