I Am Confused

Sooo when you think of playboy magazine, please what do you think of? Naked women now? Abi? So playboy has decided they are getting rid of nude pictures in their magazine. From a purely business standpoint, if they don’t show naked women what will they be selling? They say “provocative” pictures…hmmm and they will be featuring articles.

They want playboy to become more like esquire or maxim, safe for work and to attract a new and younger audience. I guess nudity has become so accessible that selling it is no longer profitable and they are changing their strategy. Playboy is repenting. Lol. Or they are no longer making money? Somehow this is amusing to me…

Any thoughts?



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  1. nudity is really no more a big deal, they just want a new way of making money
    Nudity is stale kinda


  2. Nudity no de move market again…..lol. There are naked girls everywhere doing free shows, so Playboy wan restrategize! #LASTMAMoves


  3. I share your sentiments @ Crimson n Nkechi.


  4. Strangely funny.


  5. Hmm, are these guys saying nudity is stale now? Doesn’t sell market? Well, maybe in the western world but even then, I kinda doubt that. Good luck to them tho


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