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So there are three male friends…Tomiwa, Nelson and Emeka. They all went to St. Gregory’s in Lagos together in the 90’s and have been friends ever since. Nelson and Emeka are from relatively well to do families and were both sponsored to “the overseas” for University education. Tomiwa despite being half Egyptian  (with an American passport)…his parents weren’t bouyant enough that they could afford to send him to America for school.

Long story short…Tomiwa went to Egypt right after secondary school and took up work in a graphics agency, while Nelson studied in America and Emeka was brought back from the UK to a private Uni in Naija due to misbehaving. Tomiwa kept growing in his industry while the others were schooling and by 30 he had made director at his place of employment. Emeka had just managed to find an entry level job in one high profile segment under Lagos state thanks to his parents connection. Nelson was doing well within his own right and doing a legitimate hustle etc.

Long story short in 2014 Tomiwa announces that he wants a Maserati really bad and he feels he had worked so hard and deserved it. Everyone applauded him. It didn’t hurt his finances much as his wife was more than OK financially herself (daddy is a legit diezillionaire). He bought it. A few months later Nelson was also inspired and bought a Ferrari. Emeka seemed the only one without a sports car…yes in this same lagos.

So Tomiwa calls a boyz meeting – usual friday hangout and says…guys we are pregnant and I am selling my Maserati to get something more baby friendly. So Emeka after the announcement calls Nelson and starts to say…how thank god tomiwa has finally grown up etc…meanwhile Tomiwa has been the only one of the trio working since he was 18, built a house for his folks etc.

Now my question is- is Emeka’s rant to Nelson a jealous underhanded comment? Emeka drives a hyundai jeep- complete with monthly payments – he doesn’t own the car outright. I was arguing that Emeka might just be feeling inadequate, but Nelson’s wife was saying but Emeka’s parents are the richest…he essentially had or has access to everything.

Share your thoughts please on what Emeka’s soliloquy could possibly be.

It took a lot to write this mess with diff names….lol.



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  1. #1 misconception with Nigerians. Daddys money does NOT automatically = the rest of the family’s money.

    Also that daddy had money 20 years ago when boys were growing up does NOT = daddy having money today.

    Ehen now to Emeka’s matter. He is clearly a bitter under achiever. Rather than hating (yes this is 1st degree hating), he better go and start taking lessons from Tomiwa on how to be responsible and successful. Only a responsible naija man can borrow himself sense to do the logical thing of giving up his sports car on arrival of pikin. So yes Tomiwa “the man” can teach Emeka “the boy” a lot.


    • Bee in this case, Emeka’s dad even provided all his children with Ikoyi Flats oh…so daddy’s money does trickle down and is still present. It’s Ok to even keep the sports car, just make sure there is an alternative that baby can ride in. I guess it is jealousy on Emeka’s part.


  2. Lol @ the man and the boy.

    The answer to your question is YES. Jealousy and bitterness.


  3. Emeka’s parents are the richest???? The guy is just jealous and bitter, the interesting thing about this whole ish is that Tomiwa will always be ahead of him.


  4. Emeka might not necessarily be bitter, insecure would be a more appropriate description. let’s be honest, it takes a lot of mental work to see some of your peers doing 100 times better than you without feeling a little insecure.

    p.s i’m not excusing his behaviour o. its just that sometimes people have issues deeper than what we think we know.


  5. I think Emeka really wished he was Tomima.There are people who despite “having it all”,they still feel totally insecure.


  6. Errrr I think you spectators are over analyzing the situation and doesn’t sound like jealousy enters into the matter at all.

    Simply put no matter how rich or successful you are owing a maserati as your only / main mode of transportation denotes a certain phase of life or lifestyle. A car like that is clearly more of a toy than a family car so I think I feel Emeka’s comment re the friend growing up and getting a family car …your focus when you don’t consider your wife, girlfriend, children when making a decision is clearly different that when you do.

    Now why he felt the need to tell a 3rd party this rather than Tomiwa directly is beyond me …but the situation aint even worth the time we are all taking to analyse it


    • Ur Anon we take time out to discuss issues here. The topic of discussion was insecurity or jealousy? Toniwas wife owns a functional car, so maserati was not their only car.
      Jealiusy and insecurity arent necessarily the same. And you are welcome.


  7. Am I the only one disappointed at how the gist that Emeka told his boy (privately, I suppose) has been passed on to wife, and then from wife to friend/friends(?). *sigh*
    This is why I say once friends get married, there’s need to test how Confidential they keep what you tell them for a while to avoid stories that touch.
    What if Emeka too had a very nice car and said the same thing about his friend being more sensible, would it still be considered jealousy /hating? Just saying…


    • Someone I had to mix up the story to be able to post it. And yes most spouses talk primarily to their partenrs…Emeka does have a nice car which he picked out on his own…my point was trying to see the argument from a point of insecurity or flat out jealousy


  8. He’s insecure and jealous…he feels cos he’s s dad is the richest he alone should be entitled to the good things in life. He should look at it from the high side he can buy it for himself at a cheaper rate since tomiwa is he’s friend


  9. What I think is both insecurity and jealousy.

    Insecurity and Jealousy because it sounds like he’d rather have himself or Nelson (per the ones with college degrees) living a certain “cool” lifestyle, peep Maserati + thriving wife form rich family, than Tommiwa, (SSCE) having those things
    Also, obviously Tommiwa has worked through life, earning the life he’s living. No foreign degrees, if there’s even any at all; no daddy’s money for support from the beginning; no daddy’s connect to get a job; dude seems self made and looks like he’s still soaring.

    Emeka is sour because of these, in my opinion.


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