Haha, there are just so many things we should never do under many circumstances.  If you live in an apartment building with under 20 apartments or flats- please do not ask a “prosdidude” (prostitute) to show up in your flat. And if you do make sure she is smart enough to navigate your flat without getting lost.

So hubstar and I were watching the tudors from the beginning on Friday night and laspirating while sipping on tea and stuff. Pretty much bonding time and just making fun of Henry VIII and we hear a first knock. I look at him and ask if he is expecting anybody, he says no. We ignore as it may be one of the security guards coming to say “good evening “- those expensive greetings.  Less than two minutes later there is more rapping on the door.  So it kept going for a minute. 

I told him i would go open the door and see who it is. Afterall i doubt a serial killer would have gotten past security and up as high as we live….they would have stopped at the lower floors first and the building superintendent would have alerted us. So he agrees to open the door. He comes back laughing and he goes wrong flat. I said whats so funny? He said it was someone’s cargo for the night. She was looking for flat xx.

I just doubled over laughing. See we have lived there for about 16 months and I don’t know all the neighbors. But I am not under the assumption flat xx is a bachelor. So I am making it my mission this week to find out who lives in flat xxx. There are 12 apartments in the building…shouldn’t be too hard to find out.

Lesson for the day….make sure your prosdidude knows your actual apartment.

I laughed real hard at the whole thing though.



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  1. Lesson for the day….make sure your prosdidude knows your actual apartment.
    Like its soo me…i will be on a mission to find out who lives there


  2. Adeola Adeoba // October 11, 2015 at 05:09 // Reply

    Mee like


  3. Yup yup I’ll be on a mission to find owner of Ms. Prosdidude. Lol


    • Bee trust your person to know, he was the one who found out. lol.


      • Hahaha. That was fast. Now you have to manage to stop yourself from bursting into crazy laughter when you see the dude.

        1 month in a a year. Dang. Tell the guy you’ll house sit for him. Be renting out the place for airbnb.


  4. LOL, how did he know she was a “working girl?”


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