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Haha, so why are there always fights on flights from anywhere into Nigeria? Especially Lagos? At a minimum there is one fight per flight and it is usually in economy class….why Nigerians?

The fight usually is about over head baggage space. People bringing 2 pullmans and 5 duty free bags. I mean what did you buy in the overseas that you could not put in your checked in baggage or pay the extra $150 excess bag charge for? They need to start charging Nigerians extra due to this extremely selfish behavior.

Folks fight when they can’t find overhead bin space because someone else has carried their 6 bags and put in the next person’s alloted space. And you just have to laugh at the absurdity of it all. If you empty the bags causing the fights, there ain’t shit of value in it. So on my flight back there was a fight between a Yoruba woman and an Igbo woman and there was a lot of cursing back and forth. It became funny after a while.

I was in Premium economy on Virgin so I could hear a lot of the ruckus. See why i love virgin is that you can get a comfortable seat without paying for upper class. So somehow there was a guy who sat in 21A and one older lady came and told him it was her seat. So the guy started shouting about how she should leave him alone. So trust now the flight attendant came and asked ol’ boy for his boarding pass…dude was in 41E. Now you would think the guy would know the difference between premium economy and economy. Taah…my guy was arguing that they told him that was his seat and he will only stand up because he woman is like his grandmother. Nigga what? That’s how somebody in premium shouted “Oga respect yourself, the price for ticket is different, get up and go and sit where you paid for”. The whole premium started laughing the erring guy said something again that he was just standing up because the woman was old, the other guy replied back and told him to stop acting like an illiterate and he should read his boarding pass and stop acting like he is on young shall grow bus from Lagos to Benin.

That was the flight into Lagos oh. We started off with laughter and confusion.

Have you had any funny flight experiences?



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  1. Good to know you’re back. Thank God for journey mercies. Welcome home.


  2. LOL same thing happened to me on my last flight back into Lag. The silly guy was shouting and being the more experienced, well traveled and exposed person I was, I just ignored him, spoke to the Cabin Crew who then gave me another overhead baggage space.
    Sometimes, there is no point arguing with such people, just get the Cabin Crew to educate them so they know where they belong.


    • Lowla Emirates or Qatar? Emirates is the absolute worst to fly economy and have hand luggage. And the flight attendants once they think you are not Nigerian on a Nigerian flight they are much nicer to you.


  3. Omg…Nigerians are soo dramatic…trust them to always have something to say
    but cant the guy read sef
    i always experience airports fights and am sorry to say but i love it…am always on the look out for drama


  4. Lol. Ah ah can’t the dude read ni, there’s a difference between 21 and 41 na. He sat there on purpose jare. If we check now, I’m sure someone told him to buy the premium but he thought he could be smart.

    Welcome back miss pynk, hope you flight was barotrauma free.


    • Lol, Zoe the guy was forming oh as in they told me that’s my seat…who knows maybe he was illiterate even? There are many people that can barely comprehend things and rather than ask, they will embarrass themselves further. As for Baurotrauma, it was present but manageable – so we thank God. Thanks for asking.


  5. See ehn this is exactly the problem with naija. People are greedy, cheats and don’t give a rat. Even after the guy was called out for cheating, he clearly knew he was wrong, but he was still arguing. the audacity.

    But you guys know that there is no where it specifies that the overhead space above your seat is reserved for you. Yes it is more convenient, but there is nothing that stops anyone from putting their stuff anywhere. Now if the person has more than the allowed carryon (1 bag and a small purse) then you can get flight attendants involved. Otherwise just find another space jejely.


    • Bee the issue is that its not just one person doing it, its like the entire economy doing it and thats where the problem comes in. even the flight attendants seem to be tired f Nigerians.


  6. Lol, Nigerians though. KLM also has premium economy btw. I always have issues with the overheard space every time. I usually just find another space or get a flight attendant to find somewhere to keep.


    • Ms dee – myself and Amsterdam don’t bubble much and its kind of out of my way. Since they married me, they say I must go to London – so Virgin is a win win in terms of America and London.


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