If the Devil Could Sue…

Hey everyone…how goes it? So today I was just wondering if the devil could sue Nigerians for blasphemy whether or not he would have more money than the entire economy can produce. What am I talking about? Even stuff that is not the devil’s fault, Nigerians blame him for.

Nigerian armed robbers who sit and mastermind crimes- when they get caught, it’s the devil. Meanwhile when they suceed,  they go to God for Thanksgiving.  Men who sleep around- it’s the devil tooo…uhm you lack self control respect yourself and behave less like an animal. The funniest devil blaming is this video- a fake money printing business in Nigeria.

Nigerians please leave the devil alone and start owning up for your decision when you have done the wrong things. Most people know the difference between wrong and right.

On another note, why does Nigerian law enforcement parade criminals once they arrest them?  Aren’t folks innocent until proven guilty? Or is it so that we think they are working?



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  1. Sigh, Nigerians and religious sentiments. Just look at this fraudster preaching about Peter and Judas…problem is that people never think through the consequences of their actions beforehand. As for the Nigerian police…Na their way, they know Nigerians love ‘show’ and they give it to us, just like our beloved politicians.
    Hey Madam Pynk, howzit going?


  2. The devil sure has a case to settle with Nigeria and Nigerians, I’m sure he be going on about how we use his name anyhow.

    Naija Police, I duff my hat for the any day o, they take their jobs to another level.

    They’d beat a goat to the point of stupor. The goat will claim it’s a rabbit.


  3. Between God and the devil, don’t know which has suffered more in the hands of naija pple.


  4. lol…. it’s easier to blame the devil na, just as it’s easy to blame it on the alcohol.


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