Hump Day

Happy Wednesday folks. How is the week going? As for me I have being crazy crocheting ( made 15 bowties and 15 headbands for my nephews 1st birthday in December), binge watching the Tudors. I will do a list of shows that have been of interest in the last 2 or so years. I have gotten only five hours of sleep in the last 24 hours and I am rushing out to go run errands.


On another note are you superstitious?  My palms have been itching like crazy in September. I got a call mid sleep for a job Tuesday morning and the other client that owes me also called to conclude their job. In the last 2 weeks I also asked God to round up my 2015 earnings and allow them surpass my salary in 2013 my last salaried position and from where I am sitting this is happening. Considering I didn’t even work for the first two months of the year.

Please do share your week thus far. I will be back in the comments section when i abandon binge tv watching I promise.



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  1. They are so nice,wish I could learn how to do it 🙂 I kinda believe in that stuff too,last week my palms itched me like crazy,I kept praying to God for the money to show up in time lol and God answered 🙂 I don’t want this week to be over,I’m loving October.


  2. Dear Pynk,
    I have missed your comments, please abandon those tv shows with ‘immediate alacrity’….lol

    My week has been filled with ‘Ah-Choo’ (i’ve had have serious cold since monday, and these cold-blooded colleagues of mine are not helping matters with this AC). It’s been an uneventful week so far, with nothing really exciting to talk about.

    P.s – I need my palms to start itching sharply o biko


  3. Those are sooo cute!


  4. As in I need my palm to itch like crazy oh


  5. I need those itchy palms as well o.

    Those little bows n bands look very nice. This is one thing I just cldnt learn. I tried knitting severally, I jes cldnt get the hang of it.

    My week has been so stressed, I’m working towards a free eye care program, it shld hv held tomorrow (world sight day). But too many things to be done.


  6. Chrisyinks // October 8, 2015 at 01:29 // Reply

    @ Clare, you do know about the ongoing MTN CSR initiative?


  7. Those headbands and bowties are too cute. I should really go and learn how to sew so I can create beautiful pieces. Should have paid more attention in home econs.

    On my fitness P.I found out I dropped 5 lbs like 2 weeks ago so I’ve been trying to keep it up. My shin is wailing for help sha. Any suggestions to help with shin splints?

    I won’t mind itchy palms sha. Show me the moneeeeey.


  8. Aww the bow ties and headbands are beautiful.

    I need my palms to itch like yesterday. too many things to do yet my income hasnt changed but i’m hopeful, I still have 3 months till December.


  9. Well done! The head bands and bow ties are really lovely.

    Hopefully, you’d pass on the itch as everyone is in dire need of it. 🙂


  10. Awww..Is this cuteness real?Mrs Pynk ur so skilled.Please teach me I loveeee crafts.


  11. The bowties are so cute, I need my palms to inch like crazy riight now.yh pynk am waiting for your review on series, I need suggestions.


  12. beautiful ties and socks
    now am jealous Lord i need my palms to itch o


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