Nigerians and Crimes in the West


So i was reading how aunty raised red flags and how the UK National crime Agency went after her. This dodo- head wanted to buy a £12.5 million pound house and she did, but opted to pay significantly more than her mortgage stipulated monthly. Erm of course if you are a public official in a third world country they will be able to tell you are a thief. Apparently they have been able to trace £13 billion to her…

Look the best committers of crime are those who learn a system or hire the best set of minds to do their bidding. This is the greatest reason why Nigerians tend to get caught in the West. Nigerians from Nigeria get to the West and always assume they can outsmart the system- well buddy while it looks easy and you think because they have allowed you to process the transaction you have suceeded, I have news for you. If they wanna catch you, they will. No system is really that porous and westerners aren’t that stupid. I find its Nigerian born in Nigeria who emigrate that tend to have this mindset.

I know someone that went to America- able bodied and was not working but opted to file taxes and get a refund.  Under the said circumstances should you not respect yourself and file the thing with the minimum possible and not seek out a refund? Well the IRS came for him 5 years later with a $60,000.00 bill. If any organisation can make your life miserable it is the IRS.

Another guy went and filed for public assistance in the state of New York. He collected about $4,000.00 in benefits or so in 1995. Dude was in Nigeria someone was helping deposit his checks in America. They have asked him to pay back $15,000.00.

Thing is this and i keep saying it. The rich in the west didn’t get richer by doing totally honest business in the sense that while they do the actual business for instance, they hire cut throat professionals to manage their affairs in terms of paying less in taxes, legalities  etc. I have a few friends 40 and under who have networths over $1 million and they have accountants, lawyers etc on their payroll.

Nigerians don’t think the West is letting you be smart, you might just not be worth their effort at that particular time you attempt to circumvent their system.



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  1. How does someone steal that much money and be at peace is what I keep wondering really
    Abi is someone not telling me some…mayb we now need money to be admitted into heaven,if not why be soo greedy


  2. £13 billion fa!!!!!
    Chei…..There is God o!
    These people have milked Nigeria dry…habaaaaaa! I ask again, how does aunty sleep well at night??


  3. So waiting for the outcome of this mess. Guess she’s not as smart as we thought. You steal money from an undeveloped country and you decided the best way to hide it is to get properties in a developed country! How dumb!
    P.s Miss Pynk I’m loving your analysis on this issue 🙂


  4. I wish that after being tried and found guilty, they could just release drop her off @ places like ajegunle .. And come back to pick her up d next day, lets see what would be left of her after the people take out their anger on her.


  5. // October 7, 2015 at 11:50 // Reply

    Please I’m more interested in these friends 40 and under worth $1M and over. Any of them male, single and interested in marrying a 30ish igbo girl whom they wouldn’t mind taking care of? I’ve decided that I want to live a life of leisure. Any takers? Trust me, I would make your life pretty colorful too! Hehe.


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