What is your freedom worth to you? So I was having a conversation with a friend about the recent alleged arrest of Diezani Maduike in London. And we were exploring the options of her arrest and I fired back the point that UK police will not just arrest you, they would have built a solid case against you prior to arresting you. There are a few points that came up during the conversation.

1. Nigerians rejoicing…we aren’t even sure exactly what she was arrested for…allegation of money laundering is circulating, but the arresting party has not even said it was her that was arrested. Nigerian authorities had nothing to do with the arrest, it’s HRM’s people that are offended that she is bringing illicit funds into their country…the Nigeria she allegedly stole from has not been able to catch her…i weep for Nigeria.

2. In my short time on earth, i have noticed that people who steal or have allegations of theft surrounding them are usually not the smartest people on earth. There are thieves and there are people who build businesses based on illicit principles of business..they provide a service even though they are fleecing the people they provide the service to…think a lot of American   big business (they function so well, you look stupid if you accuse them of theft) ..this in my own mind is criminal success. I know of a Company who’s slogan is “we deliver” – when they were accused of corrupt practices, the company simply said – “we deliver, the cost at which we do so is nobody’s businesss” and indeed they did deliver albeit at high costs. Nigerians are mostly learners in this field…why steal the money outright when you are in a position to provide the actual service and just declare the proceeds as profit?

3. There is no future in stealing outright. Look even if you are 80 and they areest you and can only jail you for 5 years, what is the opportunity cost of your freedom? People do not seem to think about it. This one occured to me when I used to handle cash for a multinational in Iraq…my safe was $12 million dollars most days and in my nearly 2 years in the cash cage managing, transporting and paying vendors on behalf of the company I only lost $100 which till date i suspect was a miscount of money. It’s not because I was paid $1 million annually or I didn’t want more money that i didn’t consider stealing- it was because i looked at the likelihood of jail time or a restriction of freedom. Any restriction in my freedom of movement, choices or life decisions is too high a price to pay for money which I don’t know how long it would last, if it’s not confiscated anyway.


With all her money, Diezani’s passport has been seized so her movement is restricted.  With all her money her life will be in turmoil in terms of emotions with legal proceedings etc. With all her money she will have no peace as they drag the trial for a few months at a minimum.  talkless of sentencing.

In addition why do these alleged looters always want to travel to London and America? If you want to steal and be a success at it, why go to the places you are likely to get caught? My friend says it’s because they want people to hail them and worship them. In the Bahamas and the likes no one knows you, but no one is looking for you either.

Now I understand why my dad used to tell us growing up that “even successful armed robbery takes hard work and dedication (smart work)! Please share your thoughts on her alleged arrest.



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  1. Theft continues in naija because the benefits trump the pain.

    Look at the likes of Tarfa Balogun, Alameiseigha, Cecilia Ibru, all the MDs of failed banks in the 90s. They stole money, never served jail terms and we’re ordered to pay fines not even equal to 5% of what they stole. It was news for a while, it died down, no lost friends, church or mosque did thanksgiving and that was the end.

    Until there are real consequences on naija for stealing, stealing will continue to be a lucrative business on our country.

    Now on going to yankee or jand (esp) jand, that’s the one that still confuses me. Everyone knows UK police be doing the work naija EFCC don’t have the balls to do. But these idiots keep running to jand. Oh wells, at least we get small justice.


  2. It’s God that will not allow them think that way. Let them running to popular countries. I had the same thoughts, Miss Pynk, why can’t they go to smaller countries and build up something small to survive their lifetime? But you know what the Bible says about I’ll gotten wealth……..


  3. With her pedigree Diezani still messed up. Na wa o.
    The thieves will keep stealing as long as the current and former treatments given to indicted thieves continue… the amount of money being stolen + the benefits + little or no punishment corrupt people get in this country leaves nothing to worry about.

    And yes, people are hardly noticing that she wasn’t arrested by the Nigerian authorities. That’s one funny thing.


  4. Let justice take its course.


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