Happy Independence Day


For those who feel Nigeria is worth celebrating…happy 55th Independence. If you look at Nigeria and look at a 55 year old man or woman,  would you say the country is a success, failure or is on the come up? Well on the positive side, at least nations don’t die by a 100, so maybe there is time to get it right…

On that note how didi your holiday go? Mine was in transit and i ended up crashing once i got in. I am going to scavenge my some food at 5pm as we speak.



2 Comments on Happy Independence Day

  1. I worked all through the holidays, so it didn’t really count as hols for me….
    Happy Independence day Nigeria….. Buhari, ‘agama’ eyez on u


  2. I didn’t even listen to the broadcast, all I wanna see is results.

    We will get there, albeit very very slowly, I mean painfully slow.


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