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This post is inspired by an instagram post by Cornelia…i can’t quite remember her handle and I am in a bit of a hurry. So people who show up to your house unannounced or when you show up to people’s houses unannounced.

I am one of those people i guard my space almost like a mad woman. Even when i lived alone, you couldn’t just show up to my house. It irritates me beyond i don’t know. Not even someone I am dating- casually or seriously.  One day a friend showed up to my house unannounced and i looked through the window and said I wasn’t available.  Nobody died- don’t just show up. Call first…and give me the chance to respond…don’t show up after 10 minutes of calling when i don’t pick up.

Even with my family i dont just show up to my parents house despite having a key. I rarely ever let myself in despite having the said key. I just don’t do it.

So over to you, do you visit people unannounced in this day and age? Do you have an open door policy in your house? Or do you have the crazy “its my space syndrome” which affects people like me? No i didnt grow up in a house full of people or a crowded space- so at least I don’t believe I am compensating for anything. ..it’s just that my space is my space. Lol.

Sorry for the late posts these days…between transiting and time zones I am a bit scattered. Look out for my girls trip in Miami pix. …just kidding..i don’t roll like that😅😅



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  1. I don’t visit people unannounced, and i expect that people should let me know before they show up at my place.

    Speaking of ‘calling before showing up’, i remember a friend whose call woke me up from sleep one fine saturday morning, just to announce that she is on her way to my place, and that she MUST eat OHA SOUP when she comes…
    See me see wahala o, and what if i didn’t have oha soup in my freezer? abi i resemble ‘mama put’? Anyways i had to tell her i wasn’t home abeg, and she ‘jejely’ did a 360 back to her house…lol


  2. I have the it’s my space syndrome but if you show up at my house unannounced I will still open the door…thanks to my parents… Their doors r open two-four- seven,am like how do they do it


  3. People don’t really get the idea of calling before showing up,its not nice if you just show up without prior notice. My friends knows better,they act like normal human being 😉 I don’t joke with my privacy. If you show up without calling first, OYO is your case.


  4. It’s plain rude to just show up at someones place unless there’s an emergency and perhaps your phone was missing/stolen.

    If its one of my personal pples, i don’t mind. Cos if i am not in the mood i will leave them in the living room and enter my room jejely. If its not, omo it really just depends on how i feel that day.

    I have a key to my sisters (she’s married) and my parents place. But i still call before showing up. and when i get there, i still ring the bell before opening the door.

    Me i don’t like ella/isho. so i aint going anywhere without calling.


  5. In fact I hardly ever have to call out of the blue before going to someone’s place cos I just don’t! I sit in my house jejely unless I’m invited. Usually the person and I have made plans days to a week before.
    On the other hand, my reaction to unannounced visitors depends on who it is. If I’m happy to see you I’ll be excited and even find you something to eat. If your company is not appreciated, then yes I will lie I’m not home


  6. I never shop to people’s houses without calling days ahead. However I usually don’t mind when people show up to mine provided I have nothing important doing or its someone I like. But if you have wahala, I won’t even open my door. I’ll formed not around.


  7. That was how my husband’s uncle arrived at mine all the way from owerri unannounced. We just heard a knock around 7:30pm and who do we see at the door… to say I was pissed is putting it mildly. The way I followed up my husband, he put his uncle in order and made sure he left the next day. I mean who does that?


  8. I sure don’t visit people unannounced, and i expect that people should let me know before they show up at my place.

    If I visit you @ all, it means I truly really like you,
    Hian, with all this hot sun, crazy traffic and all the crazy drivers, I will now come and go and receive ela abi isho,

    Naaa, I have everything I need in ma house, it’s a mini London, thanks ma’am.


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