Shopping is my Life

You know so I was watching TV a while back and I re-realised (not sure that’s a real word) something. Many people shop because they have nothing else to do….especially in the West. Shopping is fun at first…but when all is said and done it merely depletes our resources after we have engaged in it.

Often times, there is no value added for a lot of the shopping we do with the exception of the occasional stuff we actually do need. But think about it, do you need $500 worth of make up? $3000 in diamonds or 7 pairs of black shoes? More than often we actually don’t. Many times than not, we have nothing else to do- so we face the mall.

From a lack of nothing to do to seeking emotional security in material things – we use shopping to avoid our issues or just kill boredom. The older I get the more rational about shopping I become…i write lists of things I need before I go to any type of store- even the grocery store. I always look at what other options i can make when it comes to my money as I am not getting any younger.  From a very simplistic standpoint if the money one shops with is placed in an account that yields 15% or even the stock market or even towards a property fund – it would be more beneficial in the long run.

We unknowingly trade our futures for rubbish (for the most part) which has no resale value and are left wondering why we are broke or cannot accomplish the financial milestones we should have at certain points.

I am getting more and more irritated by shopping but I am a bit addicted to “deals”. I have also been recently told by a close family member who works in distribution for retail firms never to pay more than 50% of the cost of an item for the item if it’s not a necessity  (word to the mutha) – best shopping advice ever. I also almost never buy clothes or shoes etc in Nigeria as the price mark ups just drive me absolutely nuts…..

Do you find yourself shopping errratically? Any underlying challenges you are hiding behind?

On a more positive note….Eid Mubarak peeeps. I hope you enjoy the 4 day weekend….




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  1. Once upon a time, I used to be all about the shopping trips. whenever i feel sad or any extreme emotion, i go shopping…..and then there comes this temporary relief, rather feeling of relief (cos truth is shopping never really takes the root cause of the sadness or whatever emotion away). And then the impulse shopping, buying stuff that i never really needed, etc
    Anyways, that was when i had some loose change to throw around. Now i know better, and i have shopping lists…if it ain’t on the list, it ain’t that important o. More like, i am much more accountable now, cos there is a bigger picture.

    Happy holidays Fam!


  2. I put myself in shopping bans sometimes to keep things in check. Other times I’ve heard myself think “well, since I’m single (not by choice) and no one I’m sight, I might as well spend to ensure I look fabulous!”. Is this the right way to think? I know the answer but… *sigh*. That said I’m still a prudent shopper, always hunting deals. I don’t remember the last time I got something at full price. I’d rather quality (on sale) than low quality at full price.



  3. I believe there should be a balance, afterall most of us wirk really hard. I like shopping, but I always plan my shopping. I hardly buy things on impulse. I sometimes buy things on a need basis, then I dedicate one holiday trip a year for shopping on whatever I like. This helps me keep my finances in check and also spoil myself at the same time.

    Happy Sallah to everyone.


  4. Lists are my life. Very very specific lists: to-do lists, to-go lists, packing lists, shopping lists (divided into what I really need, what I need, what I will need and what I want lists which are handled accordingly), wish lists…i worry about my dependence on lists often.


  5. I love shopping like crazy…. so I just shop for people instead of so I dont go bankrupt. I enjoy the trips nd I get paid for it as well. If I make enough money then I just might get myself something.


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