Perverse Sense

So I have been reading the news. The more I read, the more i get confused. In Nigeria, the justice system is not for the rich or the law makers. It’s almost sad. So if you haven’t heard, Saraki is on trial for I am not even sure what…maybe corruption during his tenure as governor or failure to declare assets. So 50 other brainless clowns who were elected as Senators decided to follow him to court to provide cover?

This is not a story or fiction it is fact. My questions are as follows…is the Senate not in session? Do they not realise they were elected to carry out actual jobs? How do 50 adults carry themselves in support of Saraki so he is not arrested? So what if he is arrested? Why can’t he go through the normal process of harassment and such that is meted out to other Nigerians?

It drives one crazy when Nigerians in the ruling class believe they are above the law. Saraki is thought to being witch hunted by Tinubu & Co. For the stunt he pulled to be head of Senate.

I am tired of all these people…Nigeria makes me hopeless, America gives me hope…

Please share your thoughts or understanding of the situation.



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  1. Lol @ “Nigeria makes me hopeless, America gives me hope…”

    2nd lol @ the picture….

    3rd lol @ the 50 adults ‘escorting the GOLDFISH’ to trial…..

    And then, i have just one thing to say to them all, which is…. ‘RECEIVE BRAIN’.


  2. Sometimes I worry about this country of ours
    Am actually confused about the whole thing cos I dnt know why he’s on trial in the first place
    I try not to follow this news cos it makes me sad really


  3. I am as befuddled as you all.


  4. I’m just tired. I have nothing to say concerning this matter.




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