A Little Bit of Fun

So I always look at people and wonder firstly if they have cable and secondly what news channel they watch. I have my analysis if we can call it that on some major news channels that exist on cable tv. So lets play the game

CNN…this news network is very Americanized, its ridiculously entertaining as far as news channels go. It’s almost like a reality show TV…I am sure Americans have the shortest attention spans in the world so if you need a 1 minute lesson on stuff thats one the news, this is your channel. They tend to overflog news such as cinema or school shootings though and will maximise the coverage as best as they can. So at the end of the day people think the entire America has a gun culture. Uhm no buenas, its our cousins in the West and South that are obsessed with guns, on the east cost and up North we are too busy surviving winters and living the life to have gun laws that even encourage you to buy guns…thank you CNN…due to their reality tv style broadcasting – their coverage of the Syrian Refuge Crisis has forced Europe to act like it’s citizens are human beings. CNN in one word “sensationalist”.

This station is like full cream ice cream with no topping.

BBC….If you really seek the news straightforward style, this is your channel at least the news portion is. It is very very straight to the point, not too much by the way of shenanigans. So if you are kind of boring, hey BBC is your channel!

This station is 2% fat ice cream with no topping.

SKY NEWS… this has to be the biggest bore of all. I am not even sure people in London listen to or watch this channel. BBC is certainly boring, but Sky news? Oh my days its like they made it so your imagination would totally die so you just sit and watch them.

It’s like ordering ice cream and they tell you there is no full cream ice cream left but you can get lacto free ice cream and then they show up with soy ice cream. 😅 This station is Soy Ice Cream.

Al Jazeera….despite being largely owned by “ay-rabs” – they seem to be relatively objective and actually are willing to pursue stories that seem critical of everything but the Arab world in general. Were you thinking of going to Brazil on holiday? Al Jazeera will change your mind by showing you the Favelas and how many times in a minute they shoot at each other. Oh you thought French relations with Africa was for mutual benefit? Think again the kind folks over at this station have a six not one part story on how the French all the way to the early 2000s raped Africa in so many ways. Al Jazeera is by far my favourite channel because I like stories that I feel like I am learning something, but watch enough and you will be paranoid.

This station is like salted caramel gelato...you think you will hate it based on the description but you love it beyond reasonable explanation.

Channels TV….this one is funny for me. Want to know what is going on in Nigeria, perfect channel. Want to know which senators fall asleep while they are in sessions (my mom told me about this), or which House of Rep members show up to work looking like they are going to owambes? This is the station! While this station isn’t fully a news channel- they try their absolute best in terms of objectivity and production. They did a stellar job on the elections. However their production quality can often look like all they hire is a bunch of interns….the Nigerian factor.

Channels is lactose free ice cream…tastes close enough to the real thing, but not quite there yet.

So which one do you watch the most? My husband is a CNN junkie, I am all for Al Jazeera. I hope you laughed a lit. Happy Friday enjoy the weekend.



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  1. Lol…. your descriptions tho!

    I watch CNN and Channels, all others i have never watched for more than 5mins.


  2. Your description are perfect I tell you…. Whenever I feel like watching the news i feel al jazeera is just perfect


  3. Al Jazeera and CNN for me,SKY News is extremely boring,nothing about them is interesting.


  4. I wish I can say CNN, but that’s in a blue moon. I get most of my news from the Internet. TV is for hubby – super sports, Vuzu Amp. My children – nick Jr, Boomerang, Disney Jr, nickelodeon. For me, I watch Mpremiere on Sunday nights, non-negotiable except Hubby bribes me seriously. I only watch AMyoruba when I’m very very free or my mum and mum-in-love are around.


  5. CNN and BBC shikena.


  6. Beht sisteh why???? I like Sky News. So, that means I’m boring? But I’m not boring joh or am I?


  7. Aljazeera. They are very detailed. I especially love those their docu series. The only thing I like CNN for is breaking news especially as pertains to anything America. I like them for the same reason I hate them, they like to over flog issues, giving the exact same report every 30minutes for hours and I’m like if there’s no update, just say that.

    I stopped watching news like a year ago tho, my parents moved…lol


  8. CNN, Channels.

    What’s the channel number for Aljazeera, I got no clue.


  9. hahaaa..Ur illustrations are intensely hilarious..And ur quite imaginative.
    Ok am not really a news fan cz itz all horror to me and i cant just deal! buh most times if i want to go down that route i usually go for Channels.


  10. I gt news from internet. The only reason I watch Aljazeera is because my boss flips when the tv is on another station. I love channels. Best local station I think. I don’t think I’ve ever watched sky news…..lol


  11. Hahahah! Love the ice cream parallels. Very accurate. CNN is sooo sensationalist!


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