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Buhari & Co. Should open their ears. The more time goes on, the more I am starting to suspect the Buhari administration might be worse than GEJ’s. I am no fan of GEJ but in my opinion Buhari is surrounded by disgruntled politicians who didn’t get a chance to eat part of the National cake during GEJ’s tenure. This thought is partly supported by some of the ministerial nominees.

This administration also has developed a bad habit of telling foreigners what it will do in regards to Nigeria before it actually tells Nigerians. Buhari told the Americans when he would appoint ministers in Nigeria before he told the Nigerians. Next he has told the French he is willing to give Boko Haram Amnesty…if they release chibok girls.

The speech below by the head of Nigerian Human Rights Commission echoes my sentiments.

The Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), Professor Chidi Odinkalu, has called on President Buhari to reveal his plans for Nigeria first to Nigerians before revealing to the international communities anytime he is away on a state visit.

Professor Odinkalu who said this while speaking at a legal conference  in Abuja yesterday September 16th, stated that Nigerians have gotten to hear of President Buhari’s plans for Nigeria anytime he is speaking outside the shores of Nigeria. According to him, this action of the president is offensive.

“Change from where we are to where we want to get to involves a discussing process of leaders talking to Nigerians. The idea of always hearing things from our president when he is outside the country is offensive. We need a leadership that will trust our people, speak to our people like we are mature, speak to us like we own this country”he said.

My next sentiment is this probing business. While probing is great, what are our economic policies? What is our agenda? Pointing fingers doesnt do sh*t for any of us.


Many of our policies are not working…try importing a used car into Nigeria – you will pay the cost of the car in clearing. All thanks to Aganga who came with the higher trade tariffs when automobile manufacturing is actually not thriving in Nigeria. I mean this from a competitive standpoint- the automobile companies are charging us far more than is reasonable locally- please lets not use the excuse of jobs, because the bulk of those assembly jobs are lowly paid and the management positions are kept for Indians etc.

Sooner or later the aspiring middle class will disappear,  there is nothing worse than an unprosperous nation. The likes of America thrive due to people’s abilityto aspire to middle class status through dedicated work. If not sooner or later all of us in Nigeria will be looking for where to steal from if there is anywhere, given crude oil prices and lower government revenues. Maybe they just want us to turn on each other.

I told you my mind was back to working. The devil tried to bury me, he didn’t know I was a seed. Lol. Sorry devil but someone has to be blamed.



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  1. And she’s back! I like the resurrected Pynk, lol.

    I couldn’t be anymore in agreement with your opinion. I for one think Buhari has no actionable plan for Nigeria. He has clearly shown that in a majority of his speeches that do not establish a quantitative timeline in the achievement of core National goals.

    His inclination to hobnobbing with foreigners is quite disturbing as it is proven that (asides God,) no one can have the totality of your best interest at heart like you (which further alludes to the fact that he doesn’t know how to handle Nigeria). The ish with Foreign direct investment is that when one gets one’s economic policies, legal regulatory framework and relevant ingredients right, international companies would come flooding in – ingredients in Buhari’s control.

    Time is of the essence and his bureaucratic chase for corruption perpetrators (who ironically also exist at top levels in his party) is that so far, it has been time wasting with no meaningful conviction or action, just the same media hype that surrounded the likes of Tafa Balogun, Alamesiyha, Otedola’s probe, Diezani, etc.

    I would have wished by now, we saw some real focus and action taken by the duo of Buhari and Osinbajo and not the numerous meetings with ‘stakeholders’, pictures of offices, long speeches that do not say anything tangible etc.


    • Chris you hit it on the head, I strongly doubt there is actually a plan – they were so occupied with getting the presidency they only paid lip service to actual restructuring of the country.


  2. Buhari……Jonathan. …..Obj…..all of them wherever they are, ain’t doing shit!
    I think I’ve given up on Nigeria!!

    Every sunday at mass, catholics all over Nigeria have been saying the ‘PRAYER FOR NIGERIA IN DISTRESS’ for as far back as the 1990s. Yet there is little or no change, and more distress by the day!
    Has our case gotten this bad??

    This may sound so negative, but it’s just my 2 cents!


  3. They just keep going about in cycle. They complained about the militant amnesty and now you want to extend the same courtesy to boko haram??? So where exactly did we miss the whole agenda? Probing the past government is good but this is not the time to do that. So much to say but its tiring to keep repeating the same story everytime.


  4. Pynk is back. I’m sure when more people speak up on these issues meaningful progress will be made.

    The thing about having a plan, albeit a good one is that even before the execution phase, people can see clearly what the end goal is going to be.

    In this case, there is absolutely no plan. As far as I can see, there isn’t a strategy in place for the 4 years ahead.


  5. Leading a nation as dead as this one aint an easy task… I’d say we shud judge based his actions and nt his words.. There are many things dese guys @ d top say dat dey dont do. Lets see where he leads us to within d next few years.. Lets trust God 4 a better Nigeria.


  6. Correct! 😉 Time is telling. Time will tell some more.

    Whatever the situation, I pray all things work together for our good.


  7. Nigeria makes me sad that’s all I can say


  8. I hope people start to talk about this issue more and more. The issues in Nigeria are just depressing. Our politicians from A-Z are not just trying.


  9. In addition to the above, I’d like to say that I’m “officially” tired of Buhari’s gallivanting! Biko! He should sit in his country and act as the president he was voted in for! These days I’m beginning to regret my “change” chant ’cause the news just carries “tortoise stories”. God help Nigeria!


  10. Nigeria will get worse first before it gets better, the CBN governor has already predicted a dip in our country in 2016, whether Buhari has a plan or not, the ministers he appoints will determine if they are actualized. God be with us


  11. *economy


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