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So very easily I could have come with one of my epistles…but today I am not sure I really want to. So lets have the reverse…since today is hump day, how has your week been so far?

My own week has been dynamic …double sided…a week of confusion, joy, sadness and conflict all rolled in one. I am on a pseudo vacation and trying to make the best of things. I feel better today than I felt yesterday and I acknowledge that I am beyond blessed. So how is your week coming along?



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  1. I had an exhausting Sunday, by 8pm I was already sleeping. First time in forever. I woke up twice before 5 thinking it was already morning. My children resumed school. Hubby travelled. I’m having some me time, finally! 🙂 but I miss him and my babies, the house seems empty. Ironic.


  2. My week is looking good,in a new place,experiencing different cultures and trying not think so much about the school work ahead


    • Ah Crimson so you travelled? Dont mind me oh, even me I have absconded from Lagos. lol. The school work I am sure will present rewarding challenges.


  3. My week has been so……

    Sunday ended on a very ‘somehow’ note – went to see my mum, and she started her talk about how she is concerned about things going on in my life (that’s her indirect way of asking me why i am yet to conceive, 4 and a half months after my wedding). She just kept on whining and whining, about how i should pray more bla bla bla and honestly i kinda regretted going to see her that evening, and i made up my mind not to show face at my folks’ place for the next 1 month, cos as much as i try not to think of the things she says, it just gets to me. Had to deal with it on my own, cos i couldn’t talk to my husband about it (i don’t want him feeling some typa way jare). Let’s just say sunday evening had the potential to mess up my week, but it hasn’t done that yet.

    Monday to wednesday – Work….sent in some reports. Went out for marketing and basically just trying to make this week a fruitful and positive week. Been doing a lot of thinking too, soo many ideas and plans but a bit of challenges here and there…..


    • Aah Nkechi, your mother is just being a concerned mother – but 4.5 months is too short. I know a Nigerian couple that lives in Nigeria that has opted to wait for 3 years – they even saved their money and bought a porsche…lol. The babes mother has stopped talking because she told her she will extend it to 5 years. lol. Don’t worry it will all work out. Me nobody has asked me about baby after 1 year of marriage- they know better.


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