Water Your Own Grass

Hmmm, these days I am too lazy sometimes to type my thoughts. I am on a bit of a binge in term of just watching tv non-stop. Anyways to the issue I want to discuss….Life in general but this seems to apply to marriage in particular.

Folks stop tapping into other people’s weddings…you do not know remotely half of what is going on. You don’t know what situations they are busy managing. I keep saying this thing about social media..if you show me something or tell me something I have not asked you about, then you are likely lying. Thats just my take…yinmu at me all you like.

What prompted this post? So pretty much another ** wedding that was posted on the popular blog about 5 years or so ago. The bride was on point…nail polish and outfit changes matched etc…fabulous wedding. For whatever reason you always see the happy instagram couple pose/ pictures etc. The babe tried to stab her husband recently. ..right before her sisters wedding. Family interferred and begged…right at sister’s wedding babe is all over instagram with dude and posing…same guy she tried to stab and writing poetic sh*t under the picture.

A few things stuck me, can anyone really beg me in that type of situation?  Thats like living in bondage because you don’t know when that person will strike again. You dont know when they will be waiting for you to slip up. Thats someone with a mental imbalance and folks are busy tapping into that marriage? I am not judging anyone, just asking folks to be objective when it comes to tapping into peoples blessings and rather ask God for what is thieir’s.

The grass on the other side often appears greener than yours, but many times it is either fake grass or spray painted grass…water your own…don’t look at theirs.

Please share with me your esteemed opinions on the grass being greener on the other side.



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  1. We all know the grass is greener where you water it but sometimes we get carried away with life and think others have it better than us,hence the wishing for what others have
    Am all for praying for my own not tapping into someone else’s own..God has more than enough why not just asking him directly


    • Crimson, I have to agree with you, many people have failed to pray for their own. It’s like when people say “the God of Adeboye” or such when praying – I am like kwa?


  2. I get so riled up when I see “relationship goals” “marriage goals” all over social media. The new one now is “mother inlaw goals”… kai in my mind I’m like I wish y’all could spend a day with these folks before tapping.


  3. The grass is greener but the water bill is also higher.

    I can’t for the life of me see why people be tapping into what they don’t know. Tapping into a still picture. Nah blad. I’ll pass.

    Per your story, I hope they are living in seperate houses. Sleeping in separate rooms won’t just cut it. Ah if babe vexed and finalizes her initial plan, what will all those that begged have to say about that.


    • Bee I agree there is a high price. No they are living together – the lady’s father is richer and more influential from the guy’s father – so his societal and professional placement are heavily dependent on the her father.


  4. Hmmmmm. I believe that people post things just to make themselves happy not necessarily because it is true. All the fairytale stories you read never tells us what drama they had to overcome. People would post what they wish their life was like and some people would tap into an abusive relationship just because one photographer did an amazing job with photo ops….
    Per your story that guy should advice himself o…#no be everybody weh wear cloth normal. Lol


  5. Pynk
    Pls share the blog Biko
    Ears itching


  6. People be tapping into disaster and all sort of wahala, simply because they have the perfect picture on social media. Instagram is full of lies. I told a lady recently to cut her coat according to her size,she’s getting married in nov and she wants the perfect wedding,honeymoon blah blah blah she Just won’t get off instagram, I told her its the beginning of a very big problem. Nothing is perfect.


    • Kiki you know the longer people see instagram as life, the harder their own lives are about to get. There is no such thing as a perfect honeymoon. for my husband and I something went wrong planning out honeymoon and my brother in law got sick.. and passed away exactly a month after our ceremony. Had we gone on a honeymoon, we would have missed his last moments. No perfect marriage – so long as the groom and the officiant show up – everything is good to go.


  7. Tappers seem to forget that when you pray to be like someone, it comes with the good and bad as well…. All they just want to experience is the good sides, or for some reasons kid themselves that the “lagbaja’s” life is super perfect.


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