You Have Been sexually Defrauded…


Oh you, not you literally. So i was reading a news/humanitarian /gossip blog and I stumbled upon an article sent in by a mistress who feels she was defrauded by a Nigerian oil and gas top shot.

Now I have a few questions based on the article. So she thought she was the only side BAE, dude promised her a car, interior decor shop in VI, you can imagine the rest of it. Anyways the koko of the matter is that in addition to failing to fulfil these promises he treats her less than he treats his other side pieces who she didn’t know existed. She assumed she was the only lollipop he was licking on the side, so she is planning to disgrace him.

While this story is laughable…it is pitiful in that people or rather this generation does not understand contracts. If a man has a wife whom he has not divorced and you are a side chic, how can you expect loyalty to begin with? The woman he swore in front of God to protect and love- he is busy betraying (so he doesn’t even fear God) is it to you he will be loyal? Next you want to fight back…because you have been sexually defrauded – after he has put mileage on your body- he is not living up to his agreement of giving you a jet set life of first class or private jet trips, but you are only collecting economy.  Is he your father? Because if your father could buy you economy class you wouldnt be doing runz.

On a serious note, do side chics have a reason to feel wronged when a married man doesn’t live up to his sweet promises? Should she be looking for a fight back or simply look for a bigger maga since she obviously needs the money anyway. If she wants to fight, what then should the wife do?

The story has been taken down from SDK’s blog as expected. But as usual once stuff hits the internet it is there forever. …so here is the allegation

Hell hath no fury like a side chick scorned….Miss”A” a perfect example! 

”I’ve been dating Ixxx Sxxxxx for two and a half years now, I feel like he promised me so many things, it’s clear now he will never follow through with it so I am coming forward. 

He’s a dirty dog, been sleeping with all kinds of girls, flying them all over the world, gifting them while I’m one of the Lagos pit stops. I actually thought I was his only chick! I feel so stupid and maybe I’ll regret this one day but I have to do this. I could have been married instead of wasting my time with him so I have to get him back. He promised me a furniture/interior design business with an office on Kofo Abayomi which he lied about. He promised me a car and place but never does anything and starts ignoring my msgs about it. 

My good guy friend introduced us and I should have saw the signs. He always treated me like a side chick even while we’re out, I have to hide like the girl on the side while he flirts and dance with other babes and then be shoved into another car by his assistant xxxx xxxx for late nights only like I embarrass him. 

He’s been sending his jet to pick up girls while I fly commercial not even on first class, taking them on luxurious trips, I just found some dirty girl he’s been seeing for God knows how long who is a known prostitute and I’m just so heated about it. I feel used and betrayed. 

Don’t worry I have a big surprise for him and his wife at his birthday party in Rome. Since I’m always hidden I’m sure he’s inviting his ashewo probably 40 girls to satisfy him on his big 40th”. 



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  1. you are a side chick and you are complaining he was treating you like a side chick….the confidence side chicks have this days i need some for my daily life
    she should just get a new man to follow since thats the only good she can do with her life


  2. Wow. I’m amazed! Is this lady ok at all? For her own sake, she shouldn’t try anything stupid o. She’s the one who will end up being disgraced. Who told her the wife doesn’t even know about the main side chic. She should pick what’s left off her dignity and move on.


  3. Perfect title for this post. Oh so perfect….. lol. All I can say is ‘so she knew he was married, and expected fidelity from him.’ Dearie, you haff entered one chance.


  4. Side chic be getting bolder by the day……anyways i wonder y SDK put up the story and then took it down.


    • Suspicion is that they pay to have it taken down. lol. But the truth is once it hits the net – others pick it up. I just dont like to put names to stories – that’s just me…everyone deserves a level of privacy irrespective of their f**K Ups.


  5. // September 14, 2015 at 23:01 // Reply

    “I should have saw the signs”, therein lies the answer. That’s why you’re the side side side chic who doesnt get to get on the PJs and be flown overseas. Sorry sister, I feel your pain though.


  6. Lol. This is actually hilarious.

    She should keep us updated on her disruption to his bday plans in the abroad. It’ll be hilarious if she spends the money to fly out there, does something stupid, and gets thrown in jail.

    Yeye girl


    • Bee he is giving her economy ticket – which she obviously can’t buy for herself – so how she wants to get to ROme is funny. lol. Maybe she will use boat!


  7. “I should have saw the signs”. Its bus she should take. Bus with out AC. Na wa! Amazing!!! Very soon she would tell the guy she wants to be in his family album.


  8. Lmao Really??? You are jealous,bitter and angry over something that is not yours??? Wonder what the wife will do. God help you and your plan backfires,na jail be that shikena. This is one they call at all at all na him bad pass,cos obviously she no get number Lmao.


  9. Orishirish things


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