Are you one of those people that don’t know how to say thank you? Or are you ever full of thanks irespective of your situation? When people give you things are you grateful irrespective of what it is? Or do you find a reason to complain because it’s not what you want?

Today is a thinking monday for me, a multitude of things are going through your head rather than a thank you? If yes, why?

I am opting to keep today’s post short as I am feeling a bit tired from an overactive weekend and just want to keep sleeping…

Please share with us your thoughtson gratitude.  Do you feel a certain way when folks don’t express gratitude for your efforts or gifts?

I was pleasantly surprised hubstar bought me a replacement anklet for mine I lost in the gym last week. Awesome sauce.

That giveaway A Million Dollar Gift is still here.

I wish you a fruitful week ahead.



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  1. Going through hell at the moment(might lose my pregnancy at a very advanced stage ?but I’ve chosen to remain grateful and thankful because it doesn’t change the fact that I’m 100% blessed.


  2. I’m thankful that I have hope.


  3. I am never short of gratitude,it lifts the spirit when you are thankful even when the situation is not right. Being Thankful attracts positive vibes. Even when I snatch my nephew’s sweet or biscuit 🙂 I’m still thankful Lol.


  4. @Brown plenty hugs coming your way. will say a prayer today for you. Good health for you and the baby, strength and peace.

    I do feel pissed off at ungrateful people, but my anger usually switches to pity. Pity that they are missing out on so much more blessings because of bad manners.

    I always say givers never lack, and a thankful heart never stops receiving.


  5. @Brown….It is well!
    OK.The thing is that am usually super grateful for the tiniest of things when it happens eg. getting a cab on time,making a gd hairstyle,someone paying for a N50 cab fair for me etc. but most times i get sooo overwhelmed with the challenges am faced with and then i loose sight of what God has done.I rili do need to make a conscious effort to be thankful to God more often because despite the fact that life has been throwing a lot of curve balls at me….i still have life,sanity and sound health and i believe this counts for something.
    PS…I just love this blog.


  6. @Brown its well with your soul,God will see you thru
    Being grateful is one thing I know am good at,Noone can even tell me otherwise
    I somehow pity ungrateful people, cos they are missing alot,when you appreciate people they are happy giving you,so the more grateful you are the more blessings if you ask me


  7. Thanks everyone


  8. @Brown, I pray that God takes control of the situation and your testimony will be that of praise and thanksgiving!


  9. I love that picture. It makes me smile.

    Ingratitude will only stop blessings that are on their way. Gratitude shows in words, actions and facial expressions. I watch out for these and try to show happiness and sincere appreciation when given a gift. And I always pray for the giver, especially when it’s someone ‘ who’s got it all ‘.

    Brown, keep thinking positive and your testimony will be complete. I pray God intervenes in your situation and make your joy full in Jesus name. It is well with you and the little one growing great inside of you.


  10. chukwukadibia // September 10, 2015 at 01:37 // Reply

    Mrs brown,God be with you,maybe he see you through this tough times and may you come out victorious IJN.Amen.


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