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Today I was conflicted between posting late and not posting at all…i think the lack of cake is really makig a big impact on my life. My mom keeps telling me how much cake (i meant weight I have lost). She also proceeded to tell me about One chocolate cake she didn’t like…at least I know where I got that habit from.

On to the main thing I want to discuss today- money! How do you deal with money in terms of planning? If N1 million or even N100 million were to hit your account today, do you have a plan for it? This came up in a discussion yesterday and for me I know two things I would do with N100 million if i got it right now. I would buy a flat in Ikoyi (not those crazy dollar ones – but like a Lekki Gardens one), and I would plunge another N40 million into starting up the school. I would essentially have N30 million with no plan for it per say.

I ask the question above because according to some people close to me- one of my past times is giving out almost anything i lay my hands on. When you have pre-arranged plans for money- it becomes extremely difficult to dash out or loan out money to folks who are unlikely to pay you back anyway. I know when I was more disciplined in the past- i made note of how much I spent even on taxis because I knew each month I had several mortgages to pay and investments to make. It’s how I was able to invest because lump sums rarely ever just show up.

So I ask you, do you have an investment plan, or you are really just waiting for the money to show up before you even think of what to do with it?

I wish you a fabulous weekend- mine will be interesting for starters.

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6 Comments on Planning for Money

  1. I know that I’d buy a property for sure before the bank alert has even landed in my phone,hehehe, I day dream about lovely properties to entertain myself sometimes when I’m bored, so yea, real estate would be my numero uno acquisition, then I’d probably dabble into oil and gas, shipping and who knows what the heck else I’do, but I would treat myself to plenty of travelling, you know, see the world whiner one still can. Money .


  2. If i had 100 million naira, here are the things i may most likely do with it-
    1. i’d buy 2 decent but not overly expensive flats (one for my parents & one for My husband and I).
    2. I’d set up a side business
    3. I’d invest a percentage of the money
    4. whatever is left i’ll spend on travels n sight-seeing


  3. Am actually just waiting for that kinda miracle to come first, the money is the important part


  4. I will buy a land and build flats on it,set out some money for retirement/MBA, give money to my mum for whatever


  5. I actually have my plans it’s the money I’m waiting for. Lool. Anyway if I had 100 million i’ll put some away as fixed deposit in bonds, TBS, then buy properties, then start off my businesses which I already have planned then spend the rest on travelling and relaxing (not at once though).


  6. hmmm, if i get 100 million, in no particular order i would buy 2 houses, go on a vacation, give to charity, start up my business and put the rest in a fixed deposit account.


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