Some Things are Just Hard…

So in recent times I have partially been open about my struggles with regaining my fitness and just living right. I went from a minimum  of running at least once race every year up until 2013 to just being a lax individual. This body used to pound out 10km every Saturday morning on the streets of VI, lekki and Ikoyi in a not so recent past. I also used to run a total of 10km during the week in combination with a few other weight lifting, mind boggling and such activities.

What happened?  My previous gym decided to renovate (please don’t ask me) because all they did was shut down for a few months and reopen with a new coat of paint with the same garbage equipment and try to double the price. I ran the London Marathon – Royal Parks in October 2013 and my knees decided to show me who was boss. My knee injury from 2006 (i fell off a motorcycle in somewhere thailand and it landed on my legs – different story for a different day) decided to manifest. My husband being the doting boyfriend at the time suspended all running activity in my life especially outdoors…oh the Lagos running kidnappings were also in high swing…so the knee police took his job seriously.  Ever since then it has been a downward yoyo slope…my knees have not been the same neither has my fitness.

About 3 weeks ago I committed to being a better human being again…i decided to focus on my eating habits. Reducing carbs and not eating cake. Shior…reducing carbs was not hard, but cake is like air in my life…this is by far the hardest decision i have made in my entire adult life..taking a job in iraq wasn’t this difficult emotionally, neither was marriage -both are like walks in the park when compared with the decision to give up cake. I cheated 2x on my husband’s  birthday and a few days after…so i can’t even say I have succeeded. I have lost about 3KG on a positive note, maybe 3kg more to go.

Not having cake has greatly affected and is still affecting my mood. Please whats the hardest thing you have had to give up? Food or otherwise?

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  1. For someone like me who has been trying to lose weight, it’s been a bit difficult staying of all brands of malt drinks (maltina, amstel malt, Malta guinness etc). To make matters worse, my husband can’t pass by a store and not bring home a pack of malt drinks. Usually I give him this ‘dem send u come’ look….as in, I’m trying hard here and u of all people shouldn’t be the one to hand me the ‘tools for temptation’ haba!!!


  2. I just wish I can hide in a cupboard and the weight would fall off 🙂 I have not done any major exercise since last year,except brisk walking few times and portion control. Its not easy watching the weight when you are practically moving from one state to another. I can close my eyes to any food,snacks,drinks whatsoever except Beans 🙂


  3. I’m yet to give up o!! I should give up coke and pancake. I thank God I don’t live in a state where good cakes and ice cream can be found. If not, I’m sure a crane will be needed to lift my arse up.


  4. Food I love and want to eat alot of but have to eat in moderation cos I dnt wanna be fat…its soo annoying
    Sometimes am like cnt someone just be fat in peace….lol,but being healthly is good so I try
    I use to run too but since last year i’ve been overly lazy


  5. I’ve never had to give up anything food, ‘cos im a ‘eat to live’ kinda person. The one thing I had to give up recently that hurt…and still kinda hurts still was my job. It was all I had going on for me…but Hey! I’m committed to focusing on the big picture. Thank you for picking me for the giveaway…datz my christmas cloth ;). have a nice day.


  6. // September 4, 2015 at 12:05 // Reply

    there’s no specific food that’s hard for me to give up. I have a sweet tooth and I love junk food in general so giving “unhealthy” food up, for the greater cause, while not pleasurable isn’t exactly so hard. The hardest things I’ve had to give up don’t relate to food.


  7. I have been on a 60 day healthy food challenge. It’s not easy. Seeing pounded yam, fried plantain, ice cream and walking away.

    I’m presently on day 11. Hmmm, I have turned to eating veggies, nore protein, fruits an less carbs.
    I started off at 84kg, so far I have lost 4kg in 11 days, but the motivation behind the 60day ish is to get my flat tummy back! But the thing is still standing strong like akpu.

    I won’t give up. I run 4 times a week, skip and do some lazy sit ups. God help be, cos I just don’t like my new size. I feel bloated.

    But thank God the reason behind the weight is my amazing bundle of joy. My 2nd child.


  8. Hmmm I have added about 5kg this year alone, I was thinking of losing it, but on a second thought I like how my hips are looking now.lool. I don’t want to add extra weight so am doing portion control,walks and working on my tummy for flatness. Where can I get skipping rope in this lagos btw?


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