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So I have been watching TV and quite a bit of it lately. Big fat gypsy wedding somehow comes up…gypsies in America confuse the hell out of me in that they claim tradition but are fully tattoed up with everythig pierced but they insist on no sex before marriage etc.

So there is a couple who have never ever met physically. They met on the internet and decided to marry each other. No they did not even meet for coffee for 1 hour, not even under parental supervision. They were literally meeting at the altar. The bride has to wear a veil of darkness, so until  the priest started due had never seen the babe’s face!

I believe even in cultures where marriages are arranged,  the bride and groom get to see each other in person even if they don’t touch themselves. If I am not mistaken a lot of Arabs and Asians know beforehand the person they are to be married to. But I am wondering these people are in America oh. I knew of a Hausa girl in school who knew who her husband was – we were all about 12 including the said husband…as in pre-arranged from birth type situation and she went with her family to visit his etc whenever she was on holiday and vice versa.

My question to you, could you date someone online and meet them physically at the altar for the first time? Personally I can’t – likely because of my need to feel in control of things. Now there is no theory as to how the marriage will go from a happiness standpoint, because truly only time tells and its only God that can see into the future. Your thoughts please.

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  1. I cant o. Haaa! That’s a No NO. If she opens her face sand the guy cant stand d face. Lol. But really those people do alot of crazy stuff sha


  2. Lol American gypsies confuse me too, with all their sexy moves, tattoos, piercings, crazy makeup… well what do you expect? It’s America na.


  3. Thanks so much OAD. God bless U

    on today’s blog post, I can date online but meeting for the first time at the altar is a NO NO!! Haba! I can’t even imagine it….There has to be some sort of physical meeting before we walk down d aisle biko.


  4. I wont try it,the marriage might turn out great but what if the guy looks like a monster , i dnt want an extremely handsome man but I cnt deal with an ugly one either


  5. LOL! I need to ensure its not a robot like most sites say… no way! I need to see who I’m going to spend the rest of my life with. It’s just the way I think it should be.


  6. I watched that episode out if boredom. At least they were happy with each others looks at the end.

    As for me, I will not that at all. I won’t even consider it. Arranged marriages are ok, but I need to meet the person a couple of times before making that kind of commitment


  7. Funny enough, the thought of terrible looks isn’t even what appalls me. Although nobody wants to be with someone repulsive, there are people not particularly interested in looks and if you’re keen enough, you can find out what he looks like. Besides, I’m quite good looking (even if I say so myself) so at least my children have hope.

    What terrifies me is his character or lack of it. How can you assess this without meeting? How do you tell if he’s a philanderer, an abuser, a psycho and what not? How do you know what kind of man he is just by talking and chatting? Sotey you are convinced enough to plan the wedding and participate in it without meeting him? Orisirisi. Abeg this one pass me gan. I can’t fit shout please.

    To answer the question, absolutely not.

    Now this is totally unrelated but OAD can I just say that I love you and your husband and the dynamics of your relationship? I know we haven’t met but we don’t need to for this love to be real, especially as I’m not about to walk down the aisle with either or both of you lol. For some reason, you remind me of my favorite fictional couple: Roarke and Eve Dallas. I don’t know if you read novels but you may want to check up on them. J.D. Robb’s In Death series.


  8. I can’t ooooo!! It’s too weird. Even couples that dated and courted before getting married still find out new things about each other during marriage. It’s a no no for me!


  9. No no no no no.
    Can’t. Not ever. Whaaaat?
    To them who can- power to their elbows


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