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Happy Tuesday everyone.. for some reason this week is an extremely busy one for me, but I feel upbeat. I want to speak today on social media Etiquette – two things in  particular announcements of deaths or births.

With the advent of every updatable thing possible from BBM, to whatsapp to instagram to blogs etc, folks announce everything. I lost a childhood friend on Saturday Morning in the Airforce crash and by the time blogs had carried the stories, BBM status’ had been updated…his mother had not been informed.  I think people need to relax on this…updating your bbm status will not change your grief or bring the person back…but within those first at least 24 hours- the family has an entitlement to hear the news properly…not from another person’s bbm or blog or instagram. On CNN and the likes when they announce deaths they rarely ever mention names if the next of kin has not been notified.

The said mother in question had already lost a child a few years back, the message had to be crafted to be delivered to her. I can imagine after it hit the blogs folks probably called his siblings overseas to offer their condolences. Keep in mind the crash happened while America was asleep.. that’s not a good way to hear about a family member’s departure.

Likewise birth announcements…until the father or mother of that child places a status on their social media, please do not announce a birth on their behalf because you are privy to that information. It’s just not right.

I am saying this as someone who has been on the side of losing a young family member. Grief in the initial stages is a very very private matter. Allow them the space to receive the news properly. No one wants to get online and find their sibling is dead or had a child. Or a parent is dead etc. Its not right and it’s inhumane.

People with trigger fingers, it’s not everything you share…because you want to be consoled…i grew up in the 90s and we didn’t record every of our waking moments and we survived. If you don’t update your status you aren’t going to die, may we not kill other human beings in the process of oversharing these days.

If you are guilty..i plead with you to stop, if you are not…keep vigilant and disciplined. Please what are your thoughts on social media and the sharing of death and birth announcements?

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10 Comments on Social Media Etiquette

  1. I agree with all you have said.

    These days, when someone is dying or needing help, people are busy snapping pictures of dying man to post on bbm, instead of saving the person. It has gotten that bad.


  2. Thank you for this post! U can’t count how many times I’ve had to argue with people concerning this. The one that pains me most is using the picture of the dead body as dp. Haba that’s just not right. Some of these ppl are not even close to the deceased so why na.
    Pls let’s learn to consider the feelings of those who are genuinely grieving instead of using their pain to seek for notice.


  3. i love social media, but i think people should learn to apply moderation to an extent. These days, even in a case of emergency, u see people posting before they think of what to do, which makes me wonder ‘how did we get to this point?’
    It’s always a case of ‘first to do this….first to do that’, shuuuuuu! like say dem dey collect prize.

    It is well!


  4. I have alot of issues especially with deaths,why announce it on bbm or Instagram, i’ve never felt comfortable about it,when people do it I try not to judge thou but sometimes its even the ones grieving that upload pictures n change status once they get the news,I mean you are meant to be sad but u still have time to upload pictures n status….i dont get it


  5. Mennnnn babes I had to comment on someone’s ig post telling her what you just said. I woke up at 5am yankee time and this babe had posted on ig, facebook, complete with hashtags. I’m like da f@%& is wrong with you.

    Just removed the babe from my friends list. Can’t tolerate daftness. Sigh.


  6. This is sad, I think we have become a generation dependent on social media as a validation of who we are. Nothing seems private anymore . It’s only proper that you ask for permission before posting someone s baby on social media. Some parents do not want their kids pictures online .
    About the dead, it’s only a form of respect to give some time before posting. I think it’s about time we got some sense knocked into our brains.
    The other day I kept thinking about Bella Nigeria, she is the owner of one of the top blogs in Nigeria puts up people s pictures posts etc but her pictures are hardly online even when she had her twins she sent out a tweet with the announcement .


  7. Exactly! You’ve said all that needs to be said. I remember someone once accused me of not being a member of my family because I didn’t publicly display the picture of the said person we were mourning. Most times I just pray and send my condolences or send my congratulatory message. So it makes me wonder do people actually announce these things cause they care or cause they want to be seen as being in the know?


  8. I agree with you 100%. I think they want to be known as current people or something. People over-share that you begin to wonder how anyone survived before social media.


  9. chukwukadibia // September 4, 2015 at 15:27 // Reply

    I have a friend who is always quick to post RIP on her dp,she mistakenly posted a RIP for a wrong twin before getting proper verification therrby spreading very wrong information.the invention os social media eeh


  10. Some people can be very insensitive! Someone once put up a corpse to say RIP. They weren’t even related to the person. So distasteful. I hope this article goes viral


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