A Million Dollar Gift

“Generate Your Business Idea- Are you in paid employment and searching for your Plan B? In a current business that is not working? Or in transition thinking of your “Big Idea” for a venture to launch? Register for Generate your Business Idea workshop(International Labour Organisation Module) and move from dreams to reality. Saturday, September 12, 8am-5pm. The program will be held off Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Lagos. The cost for the program is N20,000.00 – I implore you to invest in your future.”


You can view the profile for 360 Degrees.They have been featured in several dailies and their experience spans several continents.

The team over at 360 Degree Concepts has been gracious enough to give the community members of this awesome website (if I do say so myself) one ticket –  a N20,000 value for that day. Pynk360 has also decided to send a second attendee for the Seminar. So there are two tickets in essence to be won.

Almost everyone in Nigeria runs or wants to run a business given the nature of our economy and high rate of unemployment. Enterprise is a great thing and the world’s greatest economies are a reflection of the private businesses in those countries. The first step to starting a business is to identify the type of business to engage in, and essentially putting one’s ducks in a row. The goal of the two tickets is to empower two people and give them a chance at owning and operating successful businesses. We talk about empowerment – knowledge is empowerment and the greatest gift anyone can receive.

If you wish to enter the givewaway, the requirements are as follows..

Tell us what type of business you believe you want to venture into and why (personal and economic relevance). The two posters with the most reasonable responses to their comments (other posters must engage you) will win the two tickets. THIS GIVEAWAY WILL RUN FROM 28TH AUGUST TO MIDNIGHT 09 SEPTEMBER. Kindly note you need to be 18 or older, resident in lagos and be able to attend the event. Goodluck with your entry.



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  1. An interesting initiative, I wish I could be a part of it, but alas, I don’t reside in Lagos. I’ve forwarded the link to several persons hoping they would apply. Weldone Madam Pynk. When I grow up, I wish to be like you. Lol


  2. Nice one


  3. Nice one


  4. I would have really loved to win this, but this weekend is really really choked up with family events. I hope someone wins this tho!


  5. Hello everyone, I want to appreciate the 360 DEGREES CONCEPT & PYNK 360 team for this great opportunity, I desire to build a successful business in Event Planning & Management, there is a sense of satisfaction that comes with doing what one loves & earning an income from same, it is also an opportunity for mentorship & learning from the masters. The fulfillment that is experienced knowing that an idea that one created is adding value, making people earn a living & inspiring, can not be quantified.


  6. Anonymous Aboki // September 9, 2015 at 13:55 // Reply

    Hi OAD, house,

    I’m here to claim this gift; apologies if I do not meet your requirements strictly. Here goes:

    – Type of business I want to venture into. I want to go into 2 partnerships; 1 with a barber for a salon, the other with a “vulcanizer” for a tyre shop.

    – Why (personal and economic relevance). Personally, I need to get on the multiple-income-stream wagon. These 2 partnerships seem like the best way to ease into the whole side hustle thing, until I can figure out how to create a business around books, which is a passion. Hopefully something pops at the seminar, when I win the ticket.

    On economic relevance, the barber and vulcanizer get to be entrepreneurs in their own right, as I intend to be a dormant partner. There’s also an extra job at the proposed tyre shop already, 2 at the salon, possibly more as we go on. These guys have the skill set, I’m basically just expanding their horizons, highlighting & seizing opportunities, providing finance (equity). All these contributes to the economy one way or another. Apologies, I can’t articulate them properly.

    So, there you have it.

    Thank you.


  7. Wow……………. I won, thank you so much. *dancing*


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