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Nigerians oh, first of all happy Monday, I hope you had a decent weekend? Mine was a bit dynamic – Saturday was Hubstar’s birthday and sunday was his sister’s so we had sort of a joint family event for 4 August celebrants. I am exhausted.

My rant today is about Nigerian businesses and why they believe they exist. Businesses should exist to cater to what customers want, not particularly what the establishment should be doing, but what customers want. In Nigeria we have significant problems with customer service and I am starting to tie it in with our selfishness overall as a people.

I went to a salon which i shall not name at the current time because I managed to get my complain through to the manager a few months back. They offer manicures, but the said manicurists are untrained- i had barely any fingernails left after she was done. They do hair relatively decently. Would I go back there?..absolutely not, not even for free. I am tempted to start naming and shaming businesses. …

On Sunday I went with my family for brunch at crust and cream in VI- the food which came out within 15 minutes was decent, but the juice and drinks came out 20 minutes after the food came out. I had chest pain before i saw the juice i ordered with my meal…the tea nko? 10 minutes after the juice- and I asked for the tea multiple times – at least 4 times. So for future reference if you go to crust and cream, order your drinks first and let them bring it before you order your food…lest they turn you into “ajokuta mamomi”!


American Breakfast Crust & Cream

My review for crust and cream is thus-

Food quality – above average (like every other food business in Nigeria though they think Hot dog is the same as sausage).

Pricing – reasonable

Service- questionable. ..based on the drinks issue

Ambiance – good.

It’s quite affordable when compared with all the other hotel brunches on the island…the American breakfast pictured below was about N3,500 and it’s a food coma type meal (you are so full all you want to do is get back in bed). Breakfast is possibly my favourite meal of the day, so maybe that’s why this one i took it very personal.

Do you have any hangups about customer service in Nigeria? Any business that should know better but doesn’t act better? Please feel free to call them out today…we need to stop with the bullsh*t of saying because it’s Nigeria we must expect less.

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  1. Nigerians don’t understand the theory of the customer being king,I know some customers can be annonying but that’s why your business exist you just have to find a way to deal with different behaviours
    I went to an Etisalat office last week cos they barred my line without notice,I met a guy there complaining about line Registration,he was there for the fourth time due to that reason and I told him my experience and said line reg this days is rubbish, one of the staff had the guts to ask me what I said,its not like I was whispering cos I wanted them to hear me ,I dnt knw if he was trying to intimidate me or what but he didn’t pick a good time I gave him a piece of my mind, when I left I felt I should have punched him thou


  2. Pele @ chest pain miss pynk.. crust and cream was okay when we went there though they took our order for drinks first and brought them before the food..
    Hmmm..businesses in Nigeria..too many “uncultured” staff! I once told hubby I would start an etiquette school for organisations as part of their recruitment process but the lazy part of me said how many would actually patronize these services because most of the staff especially in the food/confectionery business hardly last long in these places.. I remember going to one eatery in V.I (which I usually patronize while at work) and on this day the guy said he couldn’t sell white rice with ofada sauce as the sauce left was not enough without any courtesy/decency.. I first “jejely” left, but when a staff who saw me enter and was leaving immediately said ‘aunty, you aren’t buying again’.. the activist in me snapped and I went back there to give them a piece of my mind that the manager had to tell me that I can come and buy even if its just the sauce anytime..and I thought before..aint it my money! Sometimes I think some of these staff may suffer from a bit of complex (my opinion) because I don’t see why I wont treat the clients that come to my office as ‘king’ even if I’m doing the most mundane task for them.. It all starts with the mindset.. then maybe someone can join me in starting this “etiquette school for employees” especially for those in the sales/services industry (or every industry abeg!)
    Choi! Please don’t mind my epistle.. but if I start my rant ehhnn.. this page wont be enough, so I shall be praying for myself and them in the!


  3. Etiquette is zero in Nigeria businesses,when your laundry guy yells at a customer in your presence, simply because she ranted about her clothes not getting to her on time. After she left I gave the guy a piece of my mind,your don’t freaking yell at customers a**hole,their ‘supposed’ peanuts put food on your table,if we don’t come you won’t eat. People should learn to appreciate customers no matter how much they spend. You get to an eatery and the waitress his rolling her eyeballs because she thinks you are wasting her time.
    Sometimes people can be a bit rude too but then as the service provider,do your job and just ignore. I hardly spare any rude service provider o its MY money,if you act like an idiot I sure will treat you like one.


  4. Where do I start, is it MTN, or TFC or, salons or banks. The list is endless.

    I once gave a staff at GTB a run down, after she was pulling a deaf. And dumb stunt on me.
    When I finished with her, she was in tears.

    It takes noting to treat customers nicely.

    Me I don’t tolerate iranru. I can be so darn calm but don’t take my kindness for foolishness.


  5. Hmmmmmmmm… yogurberry in abuja. So they decided to employ young girlsvthat believe that they’ve to be nice only to their male customers. Youd be asking questions theyd be giving you attitude. Then airtel… MY GOODNESS!!!!! I don’t know whonhired their call centre reps…. they’re so rude and annoying. Some would even disconnect the line. Customer care needs to improve. Some customers are annoying but if you’re going to deal with people, you need to learn to be patient.


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