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There are some things that make you scratch your head like, gerrourrahere men! There was a recent article on “conference materials” by punch which basically pointed fingers at elected officials as the highest sponsors of prostituition in Nigeria. In response to the article which centred around “runz” as we call it, someone posted the response below and a subsequent rebuttal was posted to anonymous’ comment. Please read below from SDK.

Anonymous15 August 2015 at 17:45

“It’s no news. Not like it’s a proud thing to do but runs has been helping girls since d days of our ancestors!!! If not for runs most girls won’t school or have a life cos their families are so poor. Apart from d payment for Sex, jobs, contracts, connections etc all come to these young ladies through runs. U can’t stay in ur house n expect all dese things to come to u!!! In fact my friend is schooling masters degree in d uk now na runs money. Like I said it’s not Wat one should be proud of. Wen u get enough, u can let it go n start a decent life. Nobody helps a woman without depending something from her-money or Sex.. so do it carefully with condom n oda necessary precaution but know wen it’s time to quit!!! N God bless all d government officials sat give girls plenty cash they really helped lives!! My 2cent tho!! Cause me if u like!!!”

Perfect Response
Stewie Gilligan Griffin15 August 2015 at 21:04

“The pathetic thing about your comment is that the money these politicians give to these young girls that prostitute themselves or as you put it, the money that has been “helping girls since the time of your ancestors” does not belong to the politicians per say but to Nigerians as a whole. In a civilized society, you and your girl would’ve probably gone to school on scholarships or with the help of some sort of federal loan if your parents can’t afford your tuition. 

No wonder some of these politicians will rather die than not be in power. Are they not scared of diseases cause I refuse to believe that these politicians and the prostitutes they deal with all use protection. 

Western societies are making waves in science, medical research, technology e.t.c while in Nigeria it’s all about acquiring wealth in the most illegal means possible, sex and then more sex, women and their vaginas e.t.c. 

The obsession of too many Nigerians with sex starts from the top echelons of the society and that’s why the hypocrisy of it all baffles me. For a society so obsessed with sex and women’s vaginas, the pretense can be annoying.”

Now I actually don’t have a problem with prostitution within itself as i believe we all have different callings, provided it is not against one’s will. What I have a problem with is the assumption that these perpetrators are actually doing anyone a favour. They are stealing birth rights and turning around and dishing them like favors…favors for who exactly? And many Nigerians refuse to see that these people are supposed to serve them, not the other way around.

I ran into the youtube video below by PLO Lumumba- he hit the nail on the head…Africa is by far the poorest continent, with Africans being the strangest of beings….its a long video but well worth the watch…you may end up angrier when you are done though..

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  1. Politicans don’t do anybody favours, its all the people’s money
    That reply is just the best
    lemme go n watch the video now


  2. This man hit the nail on the head. Our culture in Africa is that the vast majority celebrate thieves and folks who have made money through ill gotten means but vilify those who are trying to fight corruption. Those are the expendable ones. There has to be a sustained, concerted effort by everyone to REALLY want to stop corruption. Complaining about it isn’t enough really. The man makes a lot of theoretical sense but how to practicalize his thoughts and good intentions is beyond me.


  3. Africa oh Africa! Suffering from the paradox of plenty. Na wa! Until the office of the citizen is fully enforced, it will remain a vicious cycle. Unfortunately, many complain until it is their turn to ‘enjoy’. I know many young people who will not mind to ‘clean out’ too.

    Love this post!


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