A Few Special Things About Me

I decided to do this post – I am not really sure why, but maybe it will make someone laugh – or make other people feel better about themselves.

1. I rarely dream, when I dream and remember – it almost always comes to pass ( a bit disturbing but I am learning to embrace it). I have been hooked up to sleep machines in the past and it was concluded I am challenged when it comes to REM sleep.. so i can nap for 10 minutes and continue a conversation where i left it before I fell asleep. My husband finds it a bit disturbing that i can sleep at 3pm for 30 minutes and then turn around and sleep at 9pm to get up at 9am the next morning – but I never really sleep – half the time I am just resting my eyes so to speak.

2. I am obsessed with nail polish – even when I worked in Baghdad, despite all the rockets and mortars (yes they are different) going off around me – my finger nails were always painted. I am a better manicurist than many manicurists, I am the person in the Nail Palour that finds fault with every manicurist. I have over 30 bottles of Nail polish – and I am very discerning when I buy Nail Polish – borderline elitist self as I will only Buy OPI, Sally Hansen and one or two other brands. I can buy a $15 bottle of Nail polish, but try charging me $15 for lipstick – lai lai, I can’t pay for it. The only time my manicure was off was when my brother in law died late last year…I am that pathetic about it.  I follow as many Nail art accounts on instagram as I do bakers.

3. I was a pescatarian for 5 years. Yep for five whole years I ate no meat, just fish and other seafood, mushrooms and a lot of beans and veggies. In retrospect it wasn’t that bad, but it’s not great when you are trying to exercise – as animal protein lasts longer in the body. I started eating meat when i started working out in 2008 beginning if I remember correctly.

4. I am lactose intolerant – but I am willing to suffer through the pain of consuming icecream, cheesecake and cake half of the time. I say to hell with it and eat and get sick anyway. Apparently most black people can’t have dairy so a lot of folks get sick off it. Nigeria seems to have just caught on to the soy trend in the last 10 years or so because my mom always had to make my own soy milk while growing up. I wasn’t fortunate enough like many of you to consume infant formula – All i had was an early life of deprivation – breast milk and soy milk.

5. I have food allergies…allergies that will not allow me to be great oh. Not just food allergies but combo allergies. The one thing that I am allergic to that is definitive is cherry, many other things are a gamble. Nigerian salad has almost killed me a few times, so has Nigerian fried rice – now the irony is that many of the ingredients I can consume individually – but when combined – Oh sweet Jesus, it ends up in hives and a visit to the hostpital for steroid injections because it gets to a point where I can’t see my body and even my eyeballs itch like crazy. So when i go to parties unless I am really hungry I don’t eat – i don’t trust people not to put salad or fried rice on the plate after I order – neither do I believe they will take it back and change the actual plate. My husband has been pushing for me to get an EPI pen – but I don’t want one because it will make me feel like an invalid which I am not. In essence outside of cherries, I have allergies but nobody can conclusively tell me what they are…womp womp and Nigerians just claim it’s only ajebutters that have allergies. My dad says all my allergies are from my mom – she has pineapple allergies and something with vicks lemon plus. lol. My husband worries more about what I eat than I do, as I have gotten to the point that I believe Life is for the living – I will eat almost anything that tickles my fancy minus Cherries, fried rice and Nigerian salad.

Please do you have anythings or things that make you more special or different from most?



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  1. I’m Extremely intolerant to Lactose, it makes me really really sick, but I detest soy milk (It Just doesn’t taste right). I try to get coconut, almond, hazelnut or rice milk as often as I can.
    But the issue with Being lactose intolerant in Nigeria is that some people will never understand, so I have Given up trying to explain why I Can’t have peak milk or coldstone ice Cream or Get a pizza.
    I think I might have some shell fish allergy, not sure which one in particular; so I try to avoid it as much as possible.
    I think Cherries are such a Horrible tasting fruit, I remember drinking a Cherry flavoured bottle of coke, it was literally lethargic.
    However every once in a while when I want to indulge in some ice cream or anything with Lactose; I take “Lactulose” suspension or “Lactase” tabs, it helps offer some sort of relief.
    I Can’t have Beans or Egusi soup they make me sick in my stomach.
    Anything that has MSG in it, I Can’t eat! My sense of smell is now well trained that I can literally perceive MSG in food (reason why I almost cannot eat Chinese food)!


  2. oad,please do you know anything about alison free online courses?? and to your post,the only thing we have in common is i rarely dream too.


  3. This was an interesting read.. Please what’s Nigerian salad?

    Things that make me different from others, let’s see.. The one that interests me most for now is that I can remember conversations word for word even after several years. Same thing with dialogues in books and other stuff like that. But when it comes to academic stuff.. Bleh. 🙁


  4. I dream everytime I close mt eyes to sleep; day or night. It can be quite frustrating for me ‘cos it’s something I don’t seem to have any control over. When I was younger, I sleep walked and talked. I haven’t sleep walked in years, but I still sleep talk when i have extreme emotions of when I’m stressed. I can eat pretty much anything, and love to taste new dishes.


  5. In the aspect of food, I don’t like eating beans, moi-moi and baked beans (akara).. I can’t figure the taste when I see people eating it with so much love, lol.
    I rarely dream too, I don’t know y, and even when I do, I don’t take it seriously, because I really don’t believe in spiritual matters..
    I am also too career conscious and people say am too serious for myself. I love to dream big, even when people laugh and call it unrealistic dreams, I don’t have the belief that there is anything impossible or one cannot accomplish, if you put your mind to it.
    I am also lactose intolerant especially at night, mehnnn the thing affects the life of me.


  6. I dream all the time and I love it thou sometimes I wake up and can’t remember what the dream is about
    I havnt found any kind of food am allergic too yet,I eat everything,I might not like something but definitely not allergic
    I love lipsticks,I want to have every nice one I see


  7. Haha..Intensely hilarious..
    Nwyz i have allergies but i do not know exactly what i am allergic to..I eat something and the next day my throat starts itching like hell.Tracking the culprit has been a huge challenge


  8. I am always manipulating numbers in my head when I’m less busy. I honestly can’t explain how but I feel good when I have to calculate or manipulate numbers….. Maybe I shld have been an accountant (dunno but I’m guessing that’s all they do)…lol


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