Artisans…and Demons

I am starting to believe that many artisans or handwork people are possessed. I know you will say I have come again, but from tailors down to carpenters they all have issues…

My carpenter was supposed to come yesterday to my house to do some work. Tell me why el negro never showed up and when my husband and I called him, this dude called back 5 hours later saying he was in Anambra. If he hadn’t gotten paid already i would have cut him off.  Dude said he can come today – i was like you idiot- do you think people will just sit at home so you can come and work? Dude wasted my entire day yesterday.

As for tailor, all my linings were short and my peplum was almost at my breast…her own I forgive her as she is still learning and cheaper than the other tailor that i would beg to collect n4k and she will still sew ogbanje cloth that we will fix 3 times.

The drycleaner that used to do pickups for me also fell my hand about 2 months ago. When I was chasing him to come and pick up my duvets for dry cleaning. He would have cost me N4,000 for the entire thing, i had to carry the load to Nathans who charged me N7k. Imagine my annoyance…his phone was ringing, rather phones. This knucklehead after 6 weeks decides to send me an apology text as per I am a valued customer…really dude? Well i sent him a response text that when i need his services I will let him know…which is unlikely anyway as my washing machine is currently working very very well. Good riddance…

A funny one, so a few of us use the same A/C service guy who also claims he can do inverters. Men lets just say our inverter caught fire and our house would have burnt down if we weren’t home and had a working fire extinguisher.  Anyways so someone else called this crackhead about servicing a generator- do you believe this A/C man instead of saying he doesn’t do geneators went and serviced the gen? Now the gen is not working…i heard my husband telling the guy that he better go and fix the gen somehow if he doesnt want to sleep in Jail given the party he was dealing with.

Sometimes you start wondering if people like the dude above are possessed. Despite my level of education there are many jobs I don’t take on…even when some clients try to insist that they will help me with the information I still won’t touch them. These people are like just crazy.

Now I am looking for a new A/C person, and I have another carpenter already…just going to let this guy finish the work he has been paid for and move on.

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  1. They are possessed o,am currently trying to have someone repair my phone,been here for close to 3hours,am just hearing that the guy travelled and I kept calling him o,he kept saying he’s close by,at a point he switched his phone off.
    The annonying thing is he’s currently the only person that has the spare part needed to repair the phone where I am,so I don’t have a choice but to be patient
    I don’t get why they behave that way
    People have been in the shop since morning,everyone is irritated and super angry …only possessed people act this way that’s the only logical explanation


  2. I haven’t had much dealings with carpenters, handymen etc.. But tailors.. Tailors and hairdressers can break your heart mehn. You’ll just be there wondering what just happened.. Pele o Ms Pynk, don’t let them work you up.


  3. Carpenters, Omg, the one I have, I gave the cow funds for a project, he used the money for another thing, this is someone that has worked with me for 5yrs executing. Projects in millions.
    OAD, they are possessed o. They really are.

    I’m just giving the goat time, when he doesn’t produce my money, Hmmmmm.


  4. Hehehehehehe sorry Miss Pynk,couldn’t help but laugh. That AC man needs to spend 2days in cell,then he won’t mess up people’s stuff again. You just have to put them on a short leash, that way they won’t have the space for rubbish. That’s the way I deal with them.


  5. Ooh, the worst of all are the tailors… lol, sometimes I wonder if they are following them from their village.
    Imagine a tailor ruined my sister’s trad dress two days to her traditional wedding and was claiming stress and family issues. Nigress y didn’t you open up before hand now. Not funny @all, but it’s better you have more than one artisan for a particular issue, just incase of impromptu disappointments.
    Thanks for the win OAD, God bless you.


  6. I’ve laughed so hard at this post that tears are rolling down my face. Truly sorry about your pain but errrm these people eh… sometimes, i think they are from one special part of hell walahi. I think Lauretta just gave you the solution – have more than one person for the same service. When they see you are not a frequent customer, they’d sit up.
    All the best with the AC man. Lol!


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