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Happy New Week ….Eku New week…Kedu New week…I tried joor. Hope you weekend was good?  Mine was very very eventful – the good kind…will talk about that in a different post. I want to talk about something a bit odd I have been doing and I am starting to get worried.

So in the morning when I get up…most days around 8ish on bad days it can be 10am…the joys amd torture of self employment. ..it really depends on when I sleep. Anyways I read my bible plans and then proceed to pray….once I beg God for forgiveness of my sins…I say “God Thank you” about 20 times…its like i totally go blank on whatever it is I want to ask him for. And then i say Amen and move on.

You would think it would be different during night time prayers, its the same exact pattern. While I am beyond grateful, i feel like I should be asking God for certain graces…but it’s like every other thought but thank you escapes me. So i am a bit confused.  Don’t get me wrong, I have more than a lot to be thankful for, but the effusive thank you, without any other prayer points or request? It has been going on since around June.

Please has anyone else experienced such?

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  1. It’s more profitable to be thankful than to ask.
    Keep on thanking him- he will level all your mountains.
    Some people forget we are created to worship God- thru forget the place of thanksgiving too: all they do is ask, ask and ask.
    You’re blessed to always thank him.
    If you want a more structured prayer- then have s journal and itemize what you’ll love to pray about- but don’t stop thanking him/ he deserves all thanks!


    • Brown I have tried, its like After I say the first Amen after all the thank You’s sleep shows up or something else happens and I just stop there.


  2. www.thelmathinks.com // August 17, 2015 at 07:49 // Reply

    I’ve never experienced such as my supplications are always quite numerous and always at the tip of my tongue, God is the only godfather I have, so ask, I must! That said, while it might be odd I think it’s also a good thing; they say the best way to move God to work on your behalf is to give Him praise, you see, you might just be moving God’s hands quicker than we perpetual ‘requesters’. Also there’s this “Thank you Jesus” prayer that I’ve heard so much about. You don’t pray (make supplications), you just repeat “thank you Jesus” about 1500 times (I think, not quite sure), it’s of catholic origin so most people use the rosary beads to say this prayer. I hear it works wonders. Ergo dear OAD you might just be on to a huge miracle! Have a beautiful week ahead guys.


    • Thelma 1500 ke? I am not even catholic yet (my conversion is on hold as I am finding attending those classes difficult- not fully sure why though). I think my own stops somewhere between 30 and 100 max. Amen to that miracle oh. I hope you have a good week ahead too.


  3. I don’t think its odd, when you appreciate God for everything then you open bigger doors. I have gone blank countless times during my prayers and I Just end up praising Him and telling Him how grateful I am. Miss Pynk you are on the right path 🙂


  4. I don’t think it is odd, sometimes when we pray, we are lead by the spirit to say other things we didn’t plan to and forget what we feel we need to say. I believe there is a reason for you saying thank you even though you don’t know it yet. just keep praying as the spirit leads you and all would be well.


  5. It happens to me sometimes but it doesn’t stretch out like yours. I prepare my mind to pray and half way through worship and prayer for forgiveness, I start to say thank you Jesus, but mine sometimes has a twist to it like I say thank you for the things he’s yet to do you know…. Anyway I don’t think its odd, a grateful heart pleases God so continue till your spirit says its time to ask.


  6. thanking God gives some sort of peace


  7. I think that’s the spirit leading you cos sometimes the spirit tells us what to pray about


  8. I have so much to ask Baba. But these days all I can say is thank you.

    Cos asking for the same thing daily may get GOD worked up (lol)

    It’s a good thing OAD. The thank you Jesus beads do work. (not the beads per say) it’s the level of faith.


  9. As long as you are speaking to Him, He is listening. So even if it is thank you for 10 days, He surely is listening.

    And somedays if you can’t pray, you can just sing, and He’ll still be listening.

    The joy of serving an awesome God. He is not petty, He is very reasonable, He is understanding, He is accomodating, and best of all He sees our hearts.


    • Love this. I was going to say singing too.

      The most important thing is the heart. That’s what God sees. Even when words can’t convey the content of the heart, God still knows.

      Be steadfast, your reward will come even answers for requests you’re yet to ask.


  10. Well its happened to me before, for not prolonged periods though. & Usually when I’m really troubled and words fail me so to say. Like many people above have said, praise works. As we keep praising God, He moves in our lives in unexpected ways.
    I think you could also try speaking to God throughout the day, and then you can make your specific requests to Him as they come to mind. Gratitude is great, keep thanking Him! 🙂



  11. The Spirit might just be gearing you to be grateful ahead for something greater to come. Your testimony is underway. I tap into it too 😀


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