And They Have Gone Mad….

So i was readimg jejely and I noticed that Adamawa State has earmarket over N200 million for prayers against Boko Haram….My first thougt is no, this is not true, then my next though is this is Nigeria. I can bet my left testicle – If i had one that THIS is possibly one of the stupidest things I have read all year if it is actually true.

Sorry prayers to God either in Islam or Christianity are free. Whoever cannot pray for the state for free has no business praying. I love religion and I believe my heart is generally pure and my relationship with God is significantly better than it was in the past. So I am going to say this- Nigerians need to cut the bullshit. Sometimes I start to wonder if based on all the praying coupled with inaction God is laughing at us for attempting to make a mockery of his name.

Why is Boko Haram thriving? A significant lack of economic activity in the North. Youth have no present, talkless of future- it has been said that they earn as little as N2000 per day to fight for Boko Haram.  Of course if you couple that with the unlimited rape (sorry sex) they will have with captured girls, drugs and a sense of power its a winning situation for someone who has nothing else tangible doing.

You cannot tell me they cannot help these people create opportunities in their lives. Farming, processed food industries, textiles, tools manufacturing, fish farming…I Don’t believe Adamawa has up to 6 million people (even if you almost double the alleged 2005 population) – if half of their population are adults – N15,000 can be allocated to over 10,000 adults even if we assume they are all ill-equipped. N15,000 can teach people how to sew, farm fish, plant tomatoes etc.

Once these people start earning the state can in turn tax them a minimum and even create a group microfinance scheme to help them grow businesses.  “Its basic but na only to thief we sabi”- OAD. Imagine my surprise reading this mess..

Please share your thougts on whether any money at all should be allocated to such causes. And do we have a reverse problem with religion and have become so stupidly lazy?

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  1. Allocated ke?! How?!

    I’m speechless. SMH. We need to stop mocking God.


  2. Its N200m not $
    Not that it makes a difference tho!


  3. Insanity! We have a serious problem in Nigeria. Who is taking this money to pray?


  4. So now we have people who collect money on behalf of God? We sure have a patient God.
    How come the government have that kinda cash to waste and the people live in abject poverty. The bridge that links Adamawa north and Adamawa central is just ridiculous and yet they have money to waste. We really need to set our priorities right in this country.


    • Kiki Sometimes I wonder if it is the stark illiterates that rule some of these states – because how can you explain this mess? They have no viable roads for commerce and they are paying people on behalf of God?


  5. When I first heard this on the news some 2days ago, I was livid with rage.
    My hubby was calming me down as if I had been robbed.

    I’m pretty sure about 150million will line some pockets.

    Only in Naija


  6. still wanna believe it is not real!


  7. Lols only in naija oh


  8. Lol this is just plain ridiculous, N200m ke, to pray to our God?


  9. Again, another sorry case in Nigeria of today


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