#Baba While You Were Probing

Ehn free me joor. It was a catchy title… So I want to ask does Nigeria have five heads or is it simply the Devils playground? Listen to me first or more like read what I am saying first – don’t start shouting God forbid.

So when you say things like why is Nigeria different from the West, you get shitty or crappy answers like – America is 200 years old you can’t compare Nigeria to that. Well newsflash there is a productive nation we can compare Nigeria to, Its called Singapore. The nation is 50 years old, so its a fair comparison no?

When Singapore was forced to be independent – it had prior colonial masters and then it was kicked out of Malaysia. You read correctly kicked out- its GDP per Capita during independence was $500 the same as Ghana – in 2015 it is $50,000, Nigeria is currently at $6,000. Please we need answers because I don’t even want to try and figure out Nigeria’s GDP at the point of independence – if I go on the NBS site- I am unlikely to find it.

Singapore is also culturally diverse – so before you say they don’t have ethnic issues, they do – however non-discriminatory policies were legislated into their constitution.  If you want to say one man has led the entire country for donkey years, he had a slew of advisors and most importantly the Singaporeans were all willing to make sacrifices.

Singapore has no natural resources, so it pretty much rolled up it’s sleeves and did a lot of damn hard work. “I am trying to create a first world oasis from a third world situation” – Lee Kuan Yew (Singapore’s founding Leader). The country is in the top five global economies with zero natural resources- so what happened to not just Nigeria, but pretty much the entire damn continent of Africa? Mugabe has been in power for like 40 years along with some others – visionless if you ask me.

I am not one of those people that believes democracy is for every nation – however are Africans just greedy and selfish? Or is it a lack of vision?

I am a firm believer that “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children“- author Unkown.

Please share your thoughts.

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  1. I believe it’s 100% greed.


  2. My dear the case of our dear country Nigeria is beyond pathetic.

    It’s more than been visionless. It’s an intrinsic case of selfishness and greed.
    The vision some of these leaders see is to rule forever.

    I get too emotional on this kind of issue, cos there is sooooo much to be said.
    I just want to make change and contribute my quota, by changing the mindset of the younger generations coming up as well as influencing policies.


    • Clare it is pathetic but we have no where to go for the most part… I mean even with a different passport – I can’t trade in this good weather for anything else – but I mean come on. Its like nobody thinks about the future – folks just running around over lining their pockets. Maybe its the resource curse?


  3. Exactly! I get really emotional about topics like this. It’s obviously greed mixed with evil and all that comes with it. People who really want to help aren’t allowed to or better still join the crowd to do evil. There are several cases of good citizens who lashed the government for illicit practices but the moment they were put in power by that same government they began dancing to their tune. So it’s more like greed, evil and betrayal(say one thing, do another).


    • Tumi we all get emotional oh. When the basic things that ought to part of our daily lives, we start to see as luxuries. You start to wonder if we are a nation of collective hatred and selfishness.


  4. Yes a fair comparison! Nigeria has left is all disillusioned. Next step, I don’t know. I do know the country has undergone decades of decay.


    • Sandra – the next step is collective love and less selfishness, but are we capable? even to allow people to merge into lanes when we are driving we can’t – and that is public space –talkless of what we do indoors.


  5. Yes a fair comparison! Nigeria has left is all disillusioned. Next step, I don’t know. The country has undergone decades of decay.


  6. *sigh**big sigh** such news breaks my heart and spoils my day. Sometimes I want to reconsider having children in Nigeria, ‘cos the future doesn’t just look good (let’s forget about bright). The country is being degraded environmentally, economically etc.
    I’ll say the problem with Nigeria is Our mindsets…mediocrity, tribalism, being overly religious and deceitful. before Nigeria can move forward, We All have to change this ‘grabi-grabi’ mindset and look at the benefits for the Future generation. #inotalkagain


    • Nne if you have access to somewhere else, please you better go and have your kids there. The leaders are self centered and it will be your children out there looking for basic amenities while their kids are in the most expensive boarding schools in switzerland etc. Abeg.


  7. People be looking at me sideways when I say independence may not be the way fwd for naija. You’ll see Nigerians acting like animals on a plane, as soon as they land yankee they know how to behave and form a line.

    They will swear up and down about all the things they cannot do, but they land oyinbo land and omo best behavior.

    Maybe seeing oyinbo at the top is what makes naija pple have sense. I don’t just get it


  8. #Baba while you were probing our economy keeps going down the drain. Nigeria case is just plain greed,when someone is sitting on what half of the country’s population can really make good use of,then how do we move forward? Everyone wants to eat from the ‘supposed’ empty pot and No one is willing to do anything to fill the pot. You really want to go into this probing business,then you have to do it to the letter and not spare anyone I mean anyone but then again should we be probing in this current situation???


    • Kiki outside of NNPC and a few others – the others should be reminded that they can be probed. we simply need to look for ways to generate new revenue moving forward and ensure stringent measures are in place — death shouldn’t be too much for anyone caught stealing while in office. Let the brave ones among them go ahead and steal and be made examples of.


  9. Greed is what won’t let us progress in Nigeria
    When people say it will get better I just shake My head cos I don’t think it will but it will be nice if Nigeria gets better n get priorities right


  10. When there is no sense of responsibility, accountability and reports, this kind of issue will always abound. Like you rightly said, perhaps Nigeria would have been in a better place if we hadn’t delved into democracy, but then again, with the likes of Abacha, I don’t want to imagine where we could have been. Until the Leadership is fearful (of God and of the people), this might tarry a while longer.


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