Buhari and Company

So I have been reading the news and I found out that the Oshimole led committee is to hire two international auditors to audit the last five years or so of Nigeria’s books. Read the story here if you want to Vanguard . I have a few pulsating questions for us and the so called government inclusive.

1. Sorry but what gives Oshimole the credentials to head this committe? Isn’t he one of the Governors who’s states didn’t pay workers?

2. Don’t we have an Auditor General in Nigeria? I know the office exists – my paternal granpa was Nigeria’s first one post independence (thats my claim to fame free me joor). So is the current Auditor general just there twiddling his thumbs?

3. Shouldn’t the governors be busy developing their states instead of running a committee? Leave that to the folks at audit- if there is a worry that the current auditor general isn’t thorough – send him into retirement and replace him or her. Oshimole and company should focus on building their states – look for ways to increase IGR- not be so hung up on damn Federal allocation.

4. You cannot find every dime that was stolen in Nigeria. They need to select five to 10 top agencies to investigate- what are the top revenue generators for government? Petroleum and maybe ports…go after all the petroleum agencies – not just NNPC, also go after NIMASA, customs and immigration.

5. If Buhari is honest he will also go after his friends- many of them didnt pay salaries, but funded his campaign? Yes I am pointing fingers –  a thief is a thief whether or not he is holding an umbrella or a broom.

6. What is Nigerians obsession with International? Do we not have local home grown Nigerian firms capable of systematic auditing of the books? Why have they decided to go with two international firms? Give part of the job to a Nigerian firm- at the end of the day – if the two results don’t meet up- we will know who is capable and who is not.

7. I hope and truly hope Buhari is not going to spend his entire tenure looking for lost money? We need technocrats for ministries appointed so that they can give us an idea of where we are going as an economy.  Whether we like it or not- the ministers vision or lack of will be our doing or undoig as a nation.

8. What exactly is Buhari’s vision for Nigeria? Is it sustainable living for all citizens, or taking us back to 1983, probing past government etc. Its a bit unclear. We need it as just a mission statement.

While i understand the monumental tasks ahead – I am a citizen of Nigeria and I do have the right to ask several questions. And in my opinion Nigeria’s greatest problem is not governments or policies or even structures – it is the mind of the people. We are a selfish lot on the whole and that is why nothing works and too many people will readily steal and engage in corrupt practices at the expense of current and future generations.

Please feel free to share your opinions – be they questions, answers, general rants etc on the probing of the GEJ administration and the hands that have being assigned the task.

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  1. I like your honesty, OAD. It’s really refreshing. As for Nigeria, Nigerians and the Nigerian government, I still have not found the words.


    • N it’s more me thinking out loud, because a lot of these things just seem absurd. Like we are so good at looking back and pointing fingers but are we visionless as a people?


  2. The First thing I said when I saw this was why international firms, are nigerian audit firms not good enough
    The man should do something else apart from looking for missing monies abeg


    • Crimson I believe they should have picked one of each. You don’t see Americans paying a UK firm when they can pay an American one. It could have been one of each.


  3. God bless you for writing this. I wish I could print it out and share on the streets. I believe you articulated a lot of people’s thoughts on this issue accurately.

    while it is ok to probe, there are too many things wrong with the whole process. the first one that got me was Oshiomole being the head of the committee. appointing him as the head seems more like a witch especially due to the unfounded allegations he has been making recently. Also, this seems more like an APC probe of PDP. If you want to carry out an audit and choose to ignore the office of the auditor general, it should be handled by a neutral person and not the diarrhoea mouth of the party.

    When the new government was elected, I was a bit skeptical but I forced myself to hope for the best. right now, I think I’ll just keep praying for Nigeria.


    • Zoe, thank You. I am not sure of who advises these appointments and sets up these committees – but maybe leaders go with those who have high visibility it seems… and its mostly sycophants that have high visibility in Nigeria. Maybe the real people need to start creating visibility for themselves.


  4. I will never understand naijas obsession with all things foreign. Sigh!!!


  5. Chrisyinks // August 7, 2015 at 16:54 // Reply

    too many things to say, yet i can’t find the right words to put thoughts on paper. Good work OAD!


    • Chrisyinks – My goal is to try my best in articulating the confusion surrounding us. Previous administrations have confused us to the point where we no longer understand our rights as citizens of a country. Frankly speaking I believe we deserve answers and the right to a decent and productive life. Some government policies and activities don’t bode well for this


  6. A wonderful piece. I hope more people can read this and pass on till it gets to the leaders.

    No more to add.


  7. My thoughts are
    *Oshiomole has no business being in that position, I’m surprised.
    *probe fellow APC members and friends
    * Obj should be probed as well, we can’t probe Yaradua from this end.
    * Those ones they ‘dashed’ oil well need to return or have a profitable arrangement for the benefits of the country
    *review MOUs with International oil companies and all general contractors with the government
    * give a stable workable plan and follow through
    * please Buhari, be thorough with selecting the heads of MDAs, and follow up with checks
    * yes, thorough audit on ministries of health, Education, power, agriculture, petroleum, economy, labour, defence. Then NNPC, DPR, NAPIMS, PPMC, PPPRA, NIMASA, NPA, Customs. Oh ICPC, EFCC, NPF and Ministry of Justice need revamping.


    • Lounge very well articulated. My fear is that the entire system is rotten – and you know nobody will touch OBJ- apparently the fear of him is the beginning of Nigerian Wisdom. And if he probes every agency he will spend his entire tenure doing that…the revenue generators should be probed, the other sectors should simply be overhauled..we might need draconian measures like execution or life sentences for public officials involved in bribes etc.


  8. I just hope come 2019, Nigeria will have improved somewhat.

    If not, time to whip out those PVC’s and put them to good use again


    • iHeart improving somewhat is relative…light improved a lot since Jonathan Left – but it is the work that Jonathan did that manifested…it is not Buhari’s work. Nigeria we are not great at measuring milestones or depicting true pictures – we want measurable milestones so we know how and where we are failing.

      PVCs- by then they will come with another set of cards – watch and see.


  9. Perhaps they’re going with international firms because they are less likely to be “bought?” That would be my guess.


    • Berry the International firms arent always less corrupt. What would have happened is simply a comparison of results. The incompetence would have been exposed if given to one Nigerian firm and one foreign firm- if there was any incompetence to begin with. If we aren’t willing to have faith in ourselves – then who is supposed to?


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