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So I was busy thinking about what I do for a living..hobby etc in the current clime. Professions I had undertaken in the past?…maybe I should touch on them. It might just be fun. I wanted something interactive for today’s post…something a bit serious…I know I play too much…I need a holiday, but with no money,  i might as well engage my imagination. 

So in my short time on earth – my hypothetical 21 years😅 I have been many things, see below:

1. Literacy coach – teaching children in lower income areas how to read and proper diction.

2. Accounting Assistant- at a University Hospital

3. Home Health Aide – pretty much a domestic health care worker, yes it’s as gross as it sounds.

4. Receptionist

5. Personal Assistant

6. Healthcare (insurance) sales worker

7. Accountant

8. Analyst/ researcher

9. Budget writing / proposal writing

10. Manager

Currently I am a consultant masquerading as a “cyber edutainer”. If you see “cyber edutainer” elsewhere – know they stole the phrase from here. The goal of the site is education and entertainment….we learn faster when stuff is fun. At least I know I do.

So what roles or jobs have you had in the past?

Dont worry I am prepping a post on my confusion about the sudden decline in the dollar, i am still thinking through it and a few other serious topics worth discussing, but not everyday serious. 😇

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22 Comments on Your Current Career…

  1. Receptionist

    Sales rep


    Office administrator.



    Those are the roles I’ve played. Does homemaker get on that list too?

    “We learn faster when stuff is fun”. You’re going to have a wonderful pre-school with that mindset.


    • Enjay Homemaker is a free role, so is motherhood – the reward for those two are in heaven. lol.

      Sometimes I am starting to think the preschool is more for me than anything else – at least I will have an excuse to be a legitimate agbaya.


      • Lol @ legitimate agbaya. Some of us never really grow up and for those who do, there’s a child in them.


  2. Supermarket assistant
    Financial analyst
    Part time primary school teacher
    Corporate affairs executive
    Human resource executive


  3. The one job I ever tried was not a good experience
    With all the jobs people are listing here I find like a 5 year old


    • Crimson – i was a job prostitute – sometimes I had 3 jobs at the same time. Some jobs do leave you with a bitter taste in your mouth though.


  4. business woman



    I’m patiently awaiting your thoughts on dollar drop.


  5. H.R executive
    Virtual Personal Assistant
    Bank Teller
    Customer service Assistant
    Make up artist
    Bead maker
    Hat maker
    Marketer of jewelry, phones, perfumes, forever living product
    Proposal writer
    Program Manager
    Program Officer
    Program Director
    Wife (lol)


    • Only you for all these?! 🙂


    • Clare you have had both white collar and artistic type jobs- i bow for you. Do you still do make up and bead making? Maybe you should run weekend classes? ever considered it?

      I dont have a creative bone in my body – i dont understand how people take up face painting etc- i will just be there looking morose.


  6. Finance Officer
    Customer Service Rep
    Bank Teller
    Funds Transfer Officer
    Legal Secretary
    Sales Rep
    Financial Director


  7. Insurance officer
    Higher education practitioner


  8. *Accounting Intern
    *Payroll Officer
    *Assistant Training Coordinator
    *Accounts Executive
    *Executive Trainee


  9. Gym attendant (college)
    Retail Store Manager
    Finance (Financial reporting, project accounting, compliance)
    Part time Fabric Merchant (recent)


    • Bee so thats your fabric business on Instagram? Lol. I was wondering who you were advertising for.


      • @Pynk it is I oh. I need to get over my “ACUTE” fear of risk. This is one of my action items to help with that. May the forces be with my heart.


  10. Office administrator
    personal assistant –
    computer operator –
    IT/customer support personnel
    Business operations supervisor
    business development executive
    Student visa counsellor
    customer service rep


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