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Heyyyyy yallll…heyyy yallll. If you don’t know that outcast song – better start calling me aunty. 😅 Please I am playing ooh I know I am well seasoned but please I am not old – i just have a few strands of platinum hair – yep expensive hair.

So lately I have started doing something odd. In the past when I lived in Arab country (the Middle East)- I used to watch the local evening news in Arabic- don’t ask. It actually complimented the Arabic class I took for 1 year – I can write basic Arabic and can eavesdrop on conversations and pick up a few things.

My latest confession is watching African Magic Igbo- I dont know anything about Igbo minus the basic – kedu and Odinma etc. But lately I have been watching with full attention. I am not sure how long this phase will be, but I am enjoying it. Igbo movies seem to have a thing for “obodo oyibo”, marriage and village life. Yoruba movies are more shouting – illegitimate families, affairs, retribution,  juju and more juju etc. Don’t worry my bias is fair- when i shift to watching Hausa films, I will let you know what I find.

In the midst of all this I have refused to watch Telemundo or Zee. Most people put all these stations with African Magic in the same bracket.  Are they really? Or maybe my childhood was just “Nigerian reality” deficient, who knows.  I don’t have the answer,  but I am not looking for an answer.

Don’t  worry I will soon start shouting out all the community members in Igbo. 😆

Please that song by Omawumi – mbegbele – what does it means losely translated? I know the entire song, but i don’t know what I am singing.😂

This post was not intended to be remotely serious…please if you have any behavioural tendencies that confuse you, feel free to share.

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  1. Hahaha! I am soooo glad that Africa Magic Igbo jazz didn’t catch only me. It befuddles me because I don’t even speak Igbo; well not often. Especially “Nkeonye” which I stay up late watching. Thank God I’m usually in school with no tv.

    I’ve been a steady ghost visitor for a long time now. Love both you and your blog. Keep it up!


    • Oma I havent watched Nkeonye yet – I will look out for it. I am learning some word like “Dalu” sha. So I am not complaining. And thanks for dropping a comment.


  2. Igbo movies.. I tend to watch more of yoruba movies when I’m stuck in the same room with my mum with only 1 TV.

    Zee TV, Telemundo, I ain’t got the patience.

    Hi Miss Pynk


    • Clare Hi. It seems the Yoruba movies are addictive. I remember when I moved back to Nigeria in 2010 i couldnt contain my joy when I discovered African Magic Yoruba – within 2 weeks my mom started watching it. Then she became reporters club – she would complain about some of them not having subtitles – and then she would turn around and ask me are they “for real”. One day I didnt know when i responded to her on something about her raising me, so if she didnt know how was I supposed to know? She tended to ask that about the jazz scences and ritual type scenes. lol.

      My in laws love Telemundo to the point that when the wives travel the ask the husbands who are in their 70s by the way to watch the soap and relay to them what happened for the episode. There is no telemundo in the UK apparently. lol.


  3. I’ve never been an Indian movie / series person. I watch African Magic Yoruba, Vuzu Amp, M premiere, showcase and family. And that is when I find the time too.

    I love the song too but in the dark about what it means. From the video, I guess she was trying to hail her tribe. Just guessing ooo.. 🙂

    As for confusing behavioral tendencies,
    Why do I lose appetite easily? Why is it hard for me to eat after cooking? Why do I put off my phone all day because I want to be ‘alone’? Why must I read your blog everyday? 🙂 why is my head filled up, pounding and I’ve got no words to express myself?

    I noticed the notification. 😉 new?


    • Enjay – Indian and Chinese movies were for when we were small before cable came to Nigeria. lol. After that – i can’t stand them much.

      I don’t eat what I cook either – so my housekeeper cooks for both myself and her, and I cook for my husband – its the singular way I have found around it since I cant buy buka or restaurant food everyday.


  4. I hate telemundo and zee world….i dont have the patience for such
    There was this episode my sister was watching the other day on zee world where a baby was kidnapped then another member of the family went and adopted the same baby but the parents didnt recognise their kid, after that my sister just gave up….like how dumb is that
    I love that mbegbele song and I also have no idea what it means
    I love to counting,i always find something to count when am idle, why???? I don’t know


    • ah I know the zee world one you’re talking about. don’t even say it in front of my aunt o! she’s a dedicated fan of the show. she even made me watch it sef. the part i just never get is when they are fighting. how can one man beat up 4 guys by himself. hmmm, its amazing.


    • Crimson – lol @ the Zee one world story. they adopted their own baby? lmao. You like counting you need to start counting money and houses. lol.


  5. Telemundo and zee world? Two channels that pisses me off everytime, it just doesn’t make sense to me. When I want to relax and not think about anything other than laugh,Africa magic yoruba is my go to channel 🙂 they can make you angry and make you laugh at the same time Lol.
    I love that Omawunmi song too,I watched her interview on primetime where she said it means ( its what I want that I will do) something like that sha 🙂


    • Kiki but in all frankness – how is telemundo different from African Magica- all na drama now? Because according to my husband they all garbage just in different languages. lol.


  6. Looool… ms pynk, really?
    Every now and then (like once a year) I get this mad craving for Indian movies. The proper ones with the established actors like Shah Rukh Khan, Preti Zinta, Karina Kapoor, Amitabh and my favourite Rani Mukherji. 3 hours+ of my life per movie for like a week or two. It’s like a purge and then I’m fine for the year. Weird


    • Sandra you even know their names. One day I saw Eniola Badmus – and with my Americana accent – I shouted “I know youuuuu”, she even hugged me. I now said oh yes its from the movies. lol.


  7. I remember singing kona from beginning to end, I still don’t know what I was saying. First day I sang it in from of DH, he had this “my wife has gone coocoo” look on his face :D.


  8. I watch Afmag Igbo once in a while, especially the ones featuring Queen Nwokoye, I’m not fond of either Telemundo or Zee tv but still since my mum watches both, I have to say Telemundo is better, Zee tv. Series are worse than nollywood and. Their storylines are plain silly at times
    E.g: Please how can a person be on her bed “thinking” and the whole house is up in flames and she didn’t notice it, I mean the whole house??Its plain ridiculous.lool


    • Lol Chioma, the house was burning and she was in bed thinking? Indians I bow for them. At least yoruba film if there is fire even electrical they will use water to kill it in the movie then go to babalawo or Alfa or wooli to check who is doing them.

      I think I need to do a breakdown of all the Channels- the high drama ones.


  9. aunty pynk i’m a fan of Telemundo…maybe because i grew up watching diego n paloma, gardeners daughter, etc…its more like i’m addicted to mexican movies…among the Afmags… tho i kinda relate with the contexts u highlighted above Afmag Yoruba is still my fav maybe cos i’m Yoruba


    • Ayomiks – you even know their names. Lol. The only thing I know about Mexican movies is the drug related ones – those documentary style ones.


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