BAITERS according to Dr. Phil and Oprah, people who you feel strongly about in a negative way from the start due to intuition and then you ignore the feeling and give them the benefit of doubt. At the end of the day- they display all the traits listed above and you keep making excuses for them until you cant take it anymore and then the centre falls apart?

Then you realise that you had continued investing in them because you didnt want to lose the investment?  “What’s worse than being in a bad relationship (friendship, coupleship etc) for a year? Being in it for a year and a day”- Dr. Phil.

I have been BAITED in the past by several people- too many to mention…I am even a bit embarrassed thinking about some of them. People who owe you money, others who take your love for granted, people who take your kindness for weaknesses etc. The sad part is the world will not exist without these type of people, and the moment you stop being yourself these people will win.

How do you deal with BAITERs when you come across them? I have noticed as I get older I just tend to listen more to my first sense of people and move on from there. And when i realise i have been BAITED i just quietly remove myself from the situation. I owe myself sanity, if nothing else in the least.

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  1. BAITERs??? I don’t think I pay much attention to them really, if by been nice/kind/friendly to you and you turn around to show any of these traits then I just quietly move on. Sometimes when people scream about having haters in their life,I pause and reflect,the more you notice them the more space you are giving them to go on with their show BUT if you act as if they don’t exist (truly they never do) then you will save your time and energy to do other meaningful thing with your life. I don’t have much space in my head to think of BAITERs, the best thing to do is silence them with no words and move on.


  2. I am learning to trust my guts and to let things go ,if my kindness or care is being taken for granted I just move on thou it may hurt but knowing the motive for my actions are good n not bad will make that easier
    I get attached easily which isn’t such a good thing thisdays so I try to scrutinize the people I let into my life real hard thou people pretend but it helps sometimes


    • I am not sure i get attached easily – but i find baiters tend to take kindness for granted, and make you not want to be kind to others.


  3. I’ve had my fair share of baiters. I just follow my first intuition ‘cos I have grown way past repeating old mistakes. Besides, life is too short for hating and negativity.


  4. As I grow older my perspective of life, friendships, family grows.

    I have had to cut off some people who take take from me with no intention of helping themselves


    • Clare it feels like I cut a lot of people out of my life and I was wondering if i was becoming harsh – but I am certainly making no apologies for it.


  5. Lucynthia // August 1, 2015 at 13:09 // Reply

    Life is too short to have negative people around. If I realize you’re not adding value to my life I jejeje respect myself and gv u space.


  6. For money matters, I usually give what I can forgo so I don’t fall into that trap. I haven’t really been baited either I foresee it or nip it in the bud before it escalates into something I can’t control. And yeah, my space and circle is very regulated so I don’t have negative energy cause I can’t even argue.


    • Tumi, you know how when you are younger you try to see the best in everyone – i have been baited beyond belief. But I just accept it as fate and have since learned to identify baiters.


  7. My motto is “Jump and Pass” bad belle people.


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