We Might Be Eating ….


KFC Cake By JC (i said i ❤ cake)

We might be eating grass soon. No I am not crazy, just less work to do so I have been paying a lot more attention. Chicken has gone up by 40% on average since they banned completely the cross border transport of chicken- frozen chicken.

The argument is partly one of formaldehyde being used to preserve the chicken is killing us. While this argument is very valid, that formaldehyde chicken could actually be the difference between life and death for many people (in terms of chicken vs no chicken) – truly no pun intended. Can our local supply meet the local demand from a price standpoint? This said frozen chicken which was N700/kg is now about N1000/ KG or higher – a similar scenario is in place with tuhkey (turkey).

Now the average family that consumes 4 KGs of chicken per month have just had their chicken bill increased by N1200 at a minimum for the month. I guess one drumstick can be split into two to stretch it. If the head of household is a driver, wife is a trader – combined monthly earning of 60k, they have three kids minimum – that N1,200 is significant.

Then imagine folks who’s business was dependent on this cheaper chicken?  All those mallams who sell chicken suya or chicken products? I am not buying anymore chicken suya, my money only reach beef abeg.

This chicken issue while basic is a reflection of what is wrong with our greater society. Ban imports without checking to see if local production can sustain affordable demand.

The government can argue all they want. Yes formaldehyde is embalming fluid – but many people will rather die at age 70 of a full stomach and with cancer knocking on the door than at 30 due to hunger and inability to afford food items. At least I know I would! In Nigeria, we dont have the luxury of rejecting “modified” foods, because our agriculture base is not strong enough.

Maybe the way forward is being pescetarian  (seafood only)- been there and done that – perpetual hunger.  Better yet we can just eat grass- afterall some South African Parishioners have done it and lived to tell about it.

Have a nice weekend. If you eat chicken this weekend- please eat it slowly and take plenty pictures because soon chicken might be a complete luxury.

Have you noticed the price hikes in chicken and turkey products? If yes please share your reaction to it.

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  1. “Afterall some south African parishioners have done it and lived to tell about it”. Kai this woman your mouth will bring your leg out one day. #purenaijalingua.

    Ahhh chicken is expensive now oh, it was as if I had a premonition, I just had the urge to buy a carton and store instead of buying every saturday, the thing added money the next day! No more eating of chicken everyday now oh it will now be a Sunday sunday medicine something.


    • Lohla they survived now. Haba is lettuce not grass? As for chicken – that one carton you better be miserly with it. lol, because when it finishes you will enter the market again.


  2. That’s how they hiked tariff on imported cars by 70%. As if we are producing cars in naija in bulk. Pssssst.


    • Bee they want us all to be trekking the same way they were trekking to congratulate the political election winners. When you combine the tariff with the fluctuations in dollar rates – bicycles and trekking are our two options.


  3. I will just stick to beef suya abeg chicken is now luxury
    our govt thou they won’t check if this things will work they just go ahead n make plans thinking of what I dont know


    • Crimson they have said beef in excess causes cancer oh, abi is it red meat? They want to encourage poultry farmers someone said to me after they read the post. I am not motivated to be a poultry farmer based on the ban on imported chicken. Maybe if the roads are better for me to transport my goods – then and just then will i take an interest in agriculture. They should fall back abeg.


      • Ooh yea I forgot that too much beef isn’t good ish but Cancer??? That am just hearing
        But beef suya is the ish I will pick it anyday over chicken thou,that doesn’t mean chicken should be expensive biko


  4. kai this wahala is becoming too much o, the price of everything is just skyrocketing while my earnings are still the same. i will just vex and become a vegetarian jare.

    that cake is really good, it looks so real.


    • Zoe, sometimes I just want to run away – far away. We earn little and then they try to stifle us – as for the vegetarian business – too much hunger will be happening – i can’t do it abeg.


  5. Hilarious piece.

    I’ve adjusted o. I bought quarter carton of soft chicken at the old price on the 27th of June. That was my last purchase. It’s been beef since then… I know red meat isn’t healthy but so is frozen chicken …… One thing or the other will kill man. God help us.


    • Enjay, you are truly eating with your eyes open, lol at neither option being healthy. In Nigeria we feed first and think later abeg.


  6. Lol @ grass eating,we just have a very unique of adjusting to things. Time to start investing in fresh fish 🙂 and if you insist you want chicken then go for guinea fowl lol its very sweet.


    • Kiki Guinea fowl is sweet ehn, but its hard. For every time I eat it – I pray for my “designer teeth” – after two years of expensive braces and pain – guinea fowl is a ceremonial something not an every week kind of meat. Unless I start putting it inside stew, or making guinea fowl and mayonnaise sandwich for my husband – even that sounds gross.


  7. Everything e haf cost o OAD.

    Wetin man wan chop


  8. Lol! You’re very right Oyinda. Before such laws are made, implemented and enforced, alternative sustainable sources have been established. I want to believe that things get really bad before they get good( I hope). Cause the way things are going now, I had better take heed to your advice and start planting grass for sustainability. 🙂


    • Tumi it just seems like Nigeria is gifted with doing things backwards. What has gotten good after being bad? Is it the rice ban? Or cement ban? Many times these things just create monopolies for friends of the government. They should simply supply electricity and proper infrastructure and see what good can happen. You will find that imports wont even be able to compete in terms of pricing – I wont say quality because Nigerians arent really brand loyal.


  9. I haven’t even tried to buy (raw) chicken in weeks so I had no idea this happened. Last chicken purchase was bbq chicken at Shoprite 3 days ago. It’s okay, such luxuries shall be limited. These people must want me at size zero.


  10. I haven’t even tried to buy (raw) chicken in weeks so I had no idea this happened. Last chicken purchase was bbq chicken at Shoprite 3 days ago. It’s okay, such luxuries shall be limited. These people must want me at size zero.

    Naija girl next door


  11. Even the seafood you are suggesting is equally as high,a carton of croaker is now almost triple the initial price. There is God sha!


  12. The hike hit first in school here. Since then, I’ve been more conversative and have a ‘new-found love’ for Beef. I hope chicken gets lesser soon and the pseudo-love for Beef disappears.


    • Christopher many people love their chicken oh. I think in my house we eat beef once a week – if that. My husband can design chicken in ways that will amaze the ordinary man – and he like to barbeque his own chicken. He was a bit upset at the news- i gave him 2 pieces of chicken instead of three one day and he looked at me funny. lol.


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