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If you are looking to learn about the fuel subsidy  and how its removal or non-removal affects the Nigerian populace, here is your chance to attend an event organised by JCI Lagos. If you are unemployed, seeking opportunities this may be a way to build networks…you never know who you will meet. The best part – IT’S FREE!


Below is a short note from ACD:

“With the perceived economic gain derivable from subsidy removal, valid complaints still abound as to whether most of the monies derivable to the government would veritably be used for the desired development of the country. The partial removal of subsidy in 2012 still reeks of mismanagement rather than the lofty promises it was poised to attain in the society. The dynamics of the economy has changed over the years and the new government would be expected to tackle some key issues of which fuel subsidy is one. This year’s Active Citizens Discourse (ACD) seeks to enlighten attendees on these varying facets of Fuel Subsidy – the economic effects, the challenges, the possibilities, the realities and most importantly the way forward.

The Active Citizens Discourse (ACD) creates an enlightening platform for an informed debate and discourse on a topical issue that has taken the forefront in the Nigerian society for that year. Without a doubt, the economy has been a debated issue in the past months and with the recent fuel scarcity crisis and unanswered questions, the subsidy program is an apt topic for the moment.

This event is organized by JCI Lagos City. Junior Chamber International (JCI) is a non-profit, international organization with the mission of providing developmental opportunities that empowers young people to create positive change in their communities. We are engaged and committed to creating impact in our local communities through targeted solutions.”

I encourage you to attend and learn something new and also meet new people.



6 Comments on Learn Something New

  1. I think fuel subsidy should be removed. And though, that is only my honest opinion, I have good reason to believe it will help Nigerians. The subsidy is not helping the common man, rather it is enriching the pockets of the extremely wealthy. That’s why I feel, It should be removed.


  2. Thank you very much Pynk. Your kind gesture is much appreciated.


    • Chris I hope the event was a success and imparted some knowledge on those seeking it?


      • Chrisyinks // July 29, 2015 at 00:55 // Reply

        Yes it was. A number of attendees were full of praises for the organizers. I did learn a lot about organizing an event and also project management.


  3. I feel the subsidy should be removed once and for all so we can know which way forward really. Once the matter is dead, there can be no further means of extortion is what I think.


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