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Hmmm so I have been watching TV and eating a lot this four day weekend. I am not Muslim, neither have I been to any Sallah events, but my in laws know good food.

I was wacthing a documentary on Al Jazeera which documented some corruption in the aid sector in Ghana.  Food that was provided as aid by multilateral organisations to feed the hungry and undernourished was being sold by the custodians of the food- member of the charities who were supposed to distribute them to the needy.

I am well aware that this happens a lot in Nigeria. My mom worked for a European NGO and the level of frustration she encountered then was amazing. I remember one time they were trying to build a cold room for vaccine storage in Lagos – the Nigerian in charge of the local government area insisted that they would be allocated the land space if they allowed him to use half of it as an ice block factory.

I keep asking myself the question over and over again whether Africa truly needs aid? Does aid make us complacent? Do we not have enough resources to cater to our population? And does the West’s provision of aid not result in over-reliance? Does the case of teaching the man how to fish as opposed to giving him fish apply here?

If you have read this blog for a while, you should have an idea of my stance of this. I want to know what you think please. Kindly share your thoughts on Africa and aid…

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  1. // July 20, 2015 at 12:32 // Reply

    I don’t believe that aid necessarily fosters over reliance, you cannot teach a man to fish where there’s no water. Some people really do need aids, but it’s imperative that it’s put in the right hands and given to the right people. And that’s where the problems lie. I read a report on the Niger Delta which stated that most of the injustice decried by indigenes is sometimes caused by their own town Chiefs or heads. Apparently oil companies (just like other Aid providers) cannot go into the grassroots and handout aids to people individually, it must be put in someone’s hands. These Heads often misappropriate the monies and aids given to them for their communities, keeping them for themselves and a select few, so it never trickles down or spreads around to the whole community. The problem with Nigeria is Nigerians.


  2. I sometimes wonder the need for aid to a few African countries especially our very own Nigeria! We’ve got more than enough resources to go round if the greed and corruption among the elitist ruling class will let us be.
    Some African countries are in dire need of such aid but as for us, we can do very well without it. I wish the western countries and donor agencies will skip us and concentrate on those countries who need it more.


  3. Some countries do need the aid but like Thelma mentioned above, the problem is the leaders and administrators of the said aid. They take what is meant for the masses and spend on a select few.

    I do think tho that the fact that some of these countrues know that help is coming in form of aid from one body or government makes them intellectually lazy. They, because of the expected aid, do not think of ways to better improve the economy the lot of the people.

    My dad said something about the new government today, he said making good policy statements are all well and good but enforcing and implementing the said statements is where the work lies. For a country like Nigeria where we have an abundance of natural resources that we can explore, we shouldn’t be depending on aid anymore but that’s what puts range rovers, bentleys, houses in the bahamas, the US of A and/or the UK and private jets on some people’s “asset list” so, we keep getting aids that we dont use and the people keep getting poorer and poorer. Its a sad situation Ms Pynk, very sad.


  4. Recently I was on twitter and news about what’s going on in IDPs camp was all over my TL and I had to follow it up. Mehn! Some people are just wicked! The money allocated for the victims can’t be accounted for, different stories Came up but pictures don’t lie,someone was updating from the camp and the so called organization that are in charge of the camp kept bringing up false update. We do have resources that can Sustain us but we are too lazy to do the needful and some people won’t let the idea see the light of the day simply because its going to affect their income.
    Like Thelma rightly said some do really need aid,niger delta for instance, they can’t fish or farm (their main occupation) because their land/water is polluted (oil spillage) so they rely on aid from the oil companies but as usual only their chiefs and elders get fat,others rely on what’s left.
    Some people really need the aid,I don’t see how any sane human will sit somewhere and keep money meant for thousands of people to themselves, its shear wickedness.


  5. Dr sheggz // July 21, 2015 at 09:00 // Reply

    no matter how solid a country is, u’l need aid in one way or the other. No country is an island of its own. It is just sad that @ Nigeria’s age, it has nothing to show simply because the drivers oda the bus (our leaders) are blinded by corruption. And unfortunately its now spreading in milliseconds. If not for corruption, i’l say we dont needd aid in the food sector kos nigeria as a country has enough to feed its population. But due to corruption, the need for aid arises and also due to corruption the aid is not getting to thr right people. Often, i hear people cricticising the the govt.. Bt the corruption is all around us.. The change needs to start from the home. I recently wen to a govt.. Library to read, i go there b4 the liberian and the liberian closed the library again around 2pm. I only hope that the saying ”a fool @ 40, is a fool 4eva” doesnt apply to our country


  6. Ikoya Adewale // July 21, 2015 at 15:44 // Reply

    really its the orientation of those who control the affairs of this thing…90% of them are greedy and its all corruption and this corruption has eaten deep into the system that an abnormal happening becomes normal.


  7. During the period we had very heavy down pour in Nigeria, 2012, I got support from an international organization to provide relief materials to the poor and affected IDP’s.

    I tried to push my buttons and insisted that items be shared in my presence, amid heavy resistance from the camp heads. Eventually, I had my way. I was later updated that the items were collected from these idp’s. Some of the items were sold off by camp officials.

    We are our biggest problem.i ask and ponder daily What is wrong with us Blacks, what is wrong with being black.

    We are so lazy, intellectually, and otherwise.

    Aid is needed, the issue is to what extent, and how can these aid be effectively channeled.


  8. Aid is needed, the prooblem is administration of the Aid is the main issue, We still have the “Every man for himself” mentality, until that is changed Nigeria and Africa as a whole cannot move forward.


  9. I think there’d always be the poor amongst us, who really need help due to different circumstances.
    And as per Aid being misdirected, the corruption and wickedness is the problem. Like how do you see someone who needs help and still steal from them?
    Some other disturbing thing: some people make genuine efforts to change their situation, to create value yet some people will keep stunting these works! Annoying.


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