Let’s have a quick discussion. Do you have more than one source of income? I find that sometimes we think we have a game plan, but the way things happen – we end up finding ourselves just looking around confused at times.

I do have residual income but not as much as I would like – from rental at the moment. I am working on a few things to boost it such as ramping up on investing activities to be able to buy property and financial instruments for the most part. I have done a few things on the side for money in the past such as sold jewelry, weekend jobs. In secondary school I used to save my entire allowance and my side hustle was cakes – i come from a line of bakers- so i baked and sold to my classmates a lot for N250 per pound cake -6 inches was my specialty back then.

Right now I am working on improving my side hustles- I am not keen on selling anything maybe with the exception of food- if I find someone to pay me for Carribean food and other American delicacies I would cater them.  I am working on a website that should be up soon- still attempting to fine tune the site and likely commercialise the site.

I am also working on cleaning up my portfolio in terms of assets..some things aren’t yielding anything and it might be time to sell and reinvest elsewhere. My goal is to make investment income the bulk of my income- that way I am free to do whatever it is i feel the need to do..not to be tied down on a job when I am 40 or 50.

What is your side hustle? What are you doing to get residual income?

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  1. // July 16, 2015 at 12:54 // Reply

    “My goal is to make investment income the bulk of my income”. That’s the dream, the ideal/major/primary goal, the focus. So help me God.

    I’ve never had one source of income. It’s never been a concerted action, but I find that’s just the way things have been for me. What I need to work on is savings and investments.


  2. I buy and sell high end shoes, bags and purses, sometimes unusual jewels, etc.

    I used to do make up, but. Lost the spark, in university I sold watches clothes, wrote proposals for others etc.

    In secondary school, I copies notes in exchange for cash or provisions, or exchanged ijebu garri (I went to school with half bag) cos most of my friend liked it but lived in the. North.

    Investment income is the goal for me, especially real estate. God help me, I’m in the spend less and save more zone.

    I’m equally working towards improving my knowledge and building my resume to hit a jack pot!

    I pray God lays a great idea in my heart so I can “blow” (smile)


  3. Ikoya adewale // July 16, 2015 at 21:32 // Reply

    Side hustle… Been thinking of a perfect one that won’t affect my academics but I’m still yet to find.. The only one I engage in that bringing money for recharge card once in a while is doing assignments and tutorials for colleagues…


  4. diversifying my income base – it is something i haven’t achieved to a desirable level but i’m optimistic that by the end of the year i’d have attained an appreciable level.


  5. Dr sheggz // July 17, 2015 at 20:08 // Reply

    Hmmm…. Miss pink. The answer to your question is exactly what i’ve been thinking abt 4 sometime. Actually, i’m still trying to acquire some skills relating to the software aspect of computers, maybe that could be my starting point.


  6. I’m trying to start up something. Used to make hair and do other things but no time for that anymore. Want to start something that won’t be time consuming and tiring. Hiya OAD360, it’s been a while.


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