Dreams are Free

Dreams are free- very very free. I was watching African voices over the weekend and I ended up laughing when Khadija Alami – A Morrocan Film Maker’s story came up. Its was refreshing to listen to her honesty. The interviewer asked her what she wanted to be growing up and she said “a truck driver and a ballerina” – both at the same time. It was funny because as a child it was obvious her mind was very active.

It’s amazing when we realise that children are so much more imaginative than adults at times – and they just let their imaginations wander. I have a cousin who wanted to be a Janitor when he was 5 because the janitor in his school was so kind to all the kids. And he went around saying he wanted to be a Janitor – of course his mother in typical Nigerian fashion really thought his older sisters put him up to it and they were trying to work her up.

Growing up I wanted to be a Doctor (Not sure where this came from) – maybe because my dad is a pharmacist, but I sha wanted to be a doctor. I also wanted to be a flight attendant – Yes oh yes, and I wanted to own a school. Of all these dreams – only one is currently valid. I didn’t stand a chance at Chemistry in College and by my sophmore year I realised I was wasting my potential and jejely went to study applied math and stats. At about 26 I got the chance to interview with Emirates but backed out after passing the initial screening when i found out it would involve taking a 70% pay cut at the time. I then tried to apply for a job with the US embassy – they have a job that involves carrying classified material to and from different locations – think business class and four star hotels at a minimum ( the Job was one high title like that, but it paid only slightly more than flight attendant). I submitted my CV through a quasi mentor and they rejected it for that position but wanted to employ me to run a provisional reconstruction team – real similar to my job at the time 75% of my pay – i refused oh. They stunted my travel ambition.

I somehow believed i could be a school owner, flight attendant and Doctor all at the same time. Only one of my childhood dreams is still valid. The school one. How and why? Could it be that dreams sometimes manifest into one of our purposes?

What were your childhood dreams? Are they still valid? Have they meta-morphed into adult purpose or careers?

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  1. Dreams are big. There is no need to which your dreams can come but the passion and commitment to it, is what forms into reality. Dreams definitely sometimes manifest into one of our purposes, I believe too but there are at the same time, not synonymous.
    I always wanted to be a movie or tv director when I was in primary school. I had a lot of ideas and imaginations in my head I so wanted to bring to life. I guess I’m still in line with that by my writing. I’d like to see my stories come to life still though. Any sponsors out there? Lol



    • Buki have you considered them being done as plays? Terrakulture is a starting point- there is a very big art community out in Lagos at least.


  2. Ah wanted to be a doctor too ended up being a thespian… maths wouldn’t allow me be great!


  3. ah i had plenty dreams o. i wanted to be a tailor, i remember sewing cloths for my dolls back then, i wanted to be a missionary because of all the stories they tell us in sunday school, i wanted to be a doctor and a lawyer also. i also had dreams of owning a restaurant or supermarket so i can be counting money everyday. well im in a completely different field now, but i still like the idea of counting money.


  4. I remember wanting to be a teacher,sometimes I still want to have a feel of what it means to be one thou
    But right now all I want to do is accounting,accounting and more accounting


  5. I wanted to be a lawyer, a writer, a poet. I was good with words and would always say my mind as a teenager. I ended up studying public administration, cooking plus delivering stews and soups…… I still have the desire to sew, it’s been there for close to ten years now, too many disappointing tailors


  6. I wanted to be a doctor. specifically an ObGyn. My 3rd year of college, i could not take the boredom anyone, i wanted classes that were more applicable to my daily life. And then i switched to Multinational business and finance. I love travelling and learning about different cultures and finance helped me be more responsible with my personal finances.

    Bored with finance now, I need a travel job but just like you, the significant pay cut is not exciting at all.

    I want to learn to sew, I want to start a scholarship fund for girls in my mom or dad’s village. I will get there.


  7. I wanted to be a Doctor, then Lawyer, school owner, flight attendant, everything Infact,

    The funniest of all was when I was in primary school, I wanted to be a MERMAID, after watching the movie SPLASH. Lol


  8. Ikoya adewale // July 15, 2015 at 20:58 // Reply

    I Always got fascinated when I saw bridges on water and always wanted to do same… I’m still towing that path now thanks to God


  9. My childhood dream was to be a recognised writer, and that still remains my dream. I’m working towards it and I really hope it pays off.


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