The Person That Has Everything

The person who has everything. ..we all know one if not more of these type of people. I have been accused of falling into that category and truthfully I always got confused when people label me as that.

I honestly do not believe that anyone has everything as there is no such thing as a perfect life. My closest friend has always accused me of having it together even when I have fully articulated my lack or confusion depending on the circumstances.  I have dated someone who refused to ever buy me anything as a gift because “I have everyhing”. In his own words- “what do you give someone that has everything”?…To me he was just lazy if you ask me, of course the situation didn’t last too long…I don’t care buy me suya, cake, ankara, something- anything.

There is no such thing as having everything or knowing everything. There however is something called Grace which comes with a certain level of peace. I am not someone that obsesses over any material items- its very rare for me to attach my emotion to an item or a decision, because at the end of the day those things are just that. A bag is a bag, shoes are shoes, likewise decisions are decision – I give them my best and most thought out shot and deal with the outcome later.

I generally sleep well at night because my emotional aloofness leaves me feeling very light. A friend got a job she believed she was overqualified for one time, it included setting the rates for the company’s entire services and she called me in a panic – and i asked her the worst that could happen – rates would either be too low or too high? She would adjust it from there.

I am a firm believer of ownership of decisions and positions. I can run down a mental list of the things that I dont have, but the list will likely even change by next week with the exception of maybe money. So of what benefit is it shouting or making a production of the said lack and wrong decisions I have made? Contrary to belief I am not sitting in a corner with a smirk on my face thinking i got it together, rather I seek many more ways to attach my feelings to very little by the way of material things and ownership of my decisions.

Its the same way I never ask for gifts on my birthday because I almost never conclusively feel the need for anything. The older i get, the more I practice how to live on less and just savour my life experiences in general. Material things catch fire (ask people who have experienced fire), every decision cannot be the right one etc.

I am a woman- i accept the woman I was, I respect the woman I am and I embrace the one I aspire to be. I also take ownership of my decisions whether right or wrong and accept that I won’t always get it right and that’s perfectly ok.

PS: there is no such thing as having everything, however there is contentment with whatever it is we have. That simply means no begging, no borrowing unless it’s a life threatening situation, manage the bit you have and move on.

Funny stories about two people that appear to have everything- Mr. Pynk aka Robot is one of those and I always buy him the Chocolate covered Oroes and place them at his home office desk. Its a very small gesture, but he totally loves them. They are less than N1k for the pack. Now is that someone that has everything? He even rations how he eats them… he reminds me of my dad- i found my dad’s spot was for books, despite not being a gazillionaire it takes an awful lot to get my dad excited. One time I went out of my way to buy him an expensive watch and he never wore it because he forgot it existed. But he has read everybook I have bought him and always wants to discuss them.

Have you ever been guilty of accusing someone of having everything or even thinking anyone person has it together? Can it be said that many human beings are much simpler than we realise?

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16 Comments on The Person That Has Everything

  1. I think people have it all,all the time
    I mean no one can have it all but sometimes one can’t help but think that way when people live a certain lifestyle where they have literally all you want or hope to have one day…hence you say that person has everything


    • Crimson I understand what you are saying, but is it fair to make that assumption?


      • Its not fair to make that assumption cos nobody can have everything if any one does like you said the person might as well just be God
        Sometimes people make this assumptions when they never hear you complain or ask of anything so they are like oooh she/he has it all


  2. // July 14, 2015 at 16:23 // Reply

    I read this feeling like something happened to set this off, somewhere in between it began to read like a vent. Of course I could be wrong.

    I just read a comment somewhere by someone who easily falls into the “have everything” category; even people who have “everything” still have something that gives them sleepless nights. OAD I’m not saying you have sleepless nights (LOL), just saying that I appreciate no matter how much someone has, there’s still something they need.
    Yes, I’ve been (guilty) of thinking that some people have it all. But the older I get the more I realize that THINGS no matter how valuable and abundant, are not everything. The only two people I know personally who suffer from clinical depression and go into extreme bouts of sorrow and reclusion, are people who seeming have everything. Just goes to show…


    • Lol Thelma, this post was written a while back oh. It just struck me then- there is someone who when I ask her how is grad school etc and she responds with venom – something about not everyone has it as easy as you – meanwhile i worked 84 hours a week when I did both my masters. I just think some people just are frustrated and pour out their venom on anybody they can find who they thing has it together.
      Things are definitely not everything – which for me was an early realization – hence the choice not to dwell on them.
      Everybody needs something, everybody wants something – its how we go about it and our emphasis on it that makes the difference.


  3. // July 14, 2015 at 16:35 // Reply


    Also OAD I tend to look at “have everything” and “have it all together” as two seperate concepts. The former connotes material and physical things. The latter seems to refer more to one’s mental, emotional and professional states. Well that’s not to say that some people can’t have both.


    • Thelma even if you want to look at it from two different angles, no one has everything and no one has it all together. If we did – we would be God. God didn’t make his exact copies, he made us in his likeness.


  4. Noone has everything. Yes some folks might be very wealthy and have loads of expensive stuff, but best believe as long as the person has a brain, they’ll appreciate inexpensive thoughtful gifts.

    Alcohol, massage, cup cakes, personalized handerkerchiefs, pic collage, run errands, cook, a book, a cd with the person’s fave songs, so many options to gift.


  5. “I don’t care buy me suya,cake,ankara anything” LOL… No one has it all,even the richest man lacks something but of course the normal ideology is that once you are rich you don’t need anything again. I think the reason why people say others have everything is because those people have what they want/need at that particular time. Like you rightly said contentment is the word,no one has everything.


    • Kiki that statement is not even from being rich, its simply for not asking for anything. No matter how poverty stricken I am, I am not in the habit of asking. I just face my front and manage whatever it is and move along. My husband says its one of my greatest traits and one of my worst, because he doesn’t know when we lack stuff or when I need or want something. My dad’s nickname for me is “suffering in silence” – i don’t consider it suffering i just consider it maintaining my dignity and self respect.


      • But why shall you suffer in silence now. lol.

        Even the bible says ask and it shall be given. lol. Now begging is the one that can make someone look silly. Something about begging just turns me off 100%


  6. It can be convenient for us to think someone has it all but when you look again, deep down, there is definitely a longing in everyone for certain things. Whether or not we can help or give them what they need is another question.


  7. the key word to me is contentment,when we learn to be content with the little or plenty we have, that could equqte to having everything.


  8. There’s always something we want. Whether we actually need them is another issue entirely.

    People find it hard to believe me when I say I am broke. I just find it annoying sometimes.

    It’s so wrong to assume.


  9. Ikoya adewale // July 15, 2015 at 20:38 // Reply

    Having it all is just about being contented with what you have anyways… N here no one knows everything even Google doesn’t


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