Asking Dr. Google and Others…

It has taken me a while to write this post for several reasons. Ladies we are all striving for perfection, that Beyonce/kim k/ Angela Basset body. Whichever body you are striving for isn’t the real issue, it’s how we go about it. There are so many dietary/ weightloss products on the market complete (from the absurd to the sometimes realistic) with testimonials to boot.

Please and please before you make your body a sacrificial lamb, consider a few things. Forget what everyone else is doing – diets, excercise routines etc. Think about yourself…your body, your mind and your soul. It is imperative you sit with professionals if you are intending to push a little hard. I mean if you are going to do more than a standard cardio workout- please see a doctor and a proper trainer (not the guy that trained carrying cement blocks), but someone who understands the body and the muscles etc.

If you are going to diet, please remember you need to see a doctor after which you need to see a nutritionist and dietician (these people have studied food science)! The doctor doesn’t have the final say on your food or medication, just a diagnosis- there is a reason nutritionist, pharmacists etc exist. They are educationally certified and more so,  you need a professional.

Recently a young lady (27) passed away after crash dieting and eating nothing, she lost 30KG in about 5 weeks, but also lost her life in the process. Weight loss doesn’t have an emergency fix- it took you a while to gain the weight- give it a while for you to lose the weight. We need to shame each other less and encourage ourselves in the right direction in terms of habits that are sustainable.

Please do not take dietary advice from a quack – there is a fully functional Nutrition and Dietetics society that operates in Nigeria- my mother for instance has practiced for about 40 years as a nutritionist and dietician – she is very well versed with the major foods and nutritional content of our local foods… and counsels from weightloss, renal failure patients, pregnancy, diabetics, to gunshot victims in terms of what to consume…we are what we consume. These people don’t charge much. For instance; a good nutritionist will never put you on an all protein diet for extended periods unless you have liver damage etc. So its a red flag for the likes of Atkins etc.

I was told of a client who consulted with her that has Sickle cell..the doctor recommended iron pills without considering the guy was from the south east. My mom will always asks for ethnic origin before she starts counseling – to understand what the client’s diet is likely comprised of. He eats a lot of vegetables already, the guy was in a lot of pain. My mom asked what he was on, and he told her iron pills and she asked what he typically ate. He apparently ate some sort of soup (vegetable based) almost everyday. The excess iron in his system was causing him pain, within a short while after he discontinued the pills he was ok. My point is we aren’t trained to provide food advice to each other – let’s leave it to the professionals.

A healthy journey to a sustainable life takes a while- it wont happen overnight. Let’s be patient, and surround ourselves with people who encourage us in the right direction and those that caution us when we are erring.

If you have any diet mishaps – please feel free to share, we are all in the process of learning. Our life is only once, lets make the best of it…and attempt to keep as healthy as we can. I go to the gym and i struggle- with my work outs, my love for sugar and my addicion to plantain and yam (different post for a different day), so I am not speaking from a point of perfection in the least.

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  1. Pynk thank you so much for this post. People need to chill on this fitfam matter, the recent fad of living fo on just juice for a month (juicing they call it) is what I don’t get. Fruits are good but living exclusively on them? Nah ah.


    • My mom laughs at the juicing fad. I told her I wanted to try cambridge – she told me she would disown me… in a heartbeat. Fruits are a part of the entire meal, not the meal itself. lol.


  2. Ramadan fast has taken over my body for now and I can’t say how much I’ve lost,but I’ve lost my ass! This is sad.
    Yeah,seeing these nutritionists or dieticians is a good idea but not all us can afford the luxury even though you say it’s not expensive (your not expensive is other people’s expensive or too expensive lol).
    You just gotta do what you gotta do…that’s eating right..Dr. Google is always there for people like me who can’t afford the luxury of “others”.
    I’ll need the contact of your mom one day shaaaaaa


    • Aramide its not about me saying its not expensive. Its not about my affordability either. If you are going to pay N10k to go to the gym, N5k is not expensive to see a Nutritionist. Do people not pay more for cell phones and hand bags? Or are those things all os a sudden more important? Lets put things into perspective and not from an angle of personal remarks. No reasonable Nutritionists charges more than N10k per consultation – and many church groups hire them for their congregation – to give talks etc. There are plenty of them at the public hospitals, I am sure for a minimal fee they will consult.
      Let place importance on what is necessary. People who don’t have N5k are not doing fit fam – its people that have more than enough to eat that are doing fit fam and gym. You get my point. And you don’t need to see a nutritionist every month – once a year might do depending on your needs.

      AS for Ramadan – It is almost over. Just keep making sure your iftar meals are well balanced the booty will come back.


      • // July 13, 2015 at 15:45 // Reply

        this comment right here is the truth.i agree with everything you said especially “People who don’t have N5k are not doing fit fam – its people that have more than enough to eat that are doing fit fam and gym”.. as for the juicing bit, the least said the better.


  3. Damisola // July 13, 2015 at 13:21 // Reply

    I normally do not comment on blogs, but i can totally relate to this issue. I am also on a weight loss programme, but i have decided to take it slow and steady, Losing weight is healthy and it is confidence boosting, But taking it to the extreme is what i think should be watched. The weight was gained over a period of time, give yourself time and make reasonable life adjustment.
    I don’t get it when people decided to take it to the extreme and start taking only juice or vegetables, Remember all these extreme dieting is not suitable and hence there is always the possibility of relapse.
    Just make simple life adjustment. For me presently, It not reducing the number of soda and fries i take, and trekking once a week from church back home on sundays.
    The purpose of dieting is shedding some Kg’s and ensuring you don’t get it back. so if after shedding this weight and you can maintain this extreme dieting, the weight will definitely come back and the vicious weight loss cycle continues.
    I lost 2kg in one week using my simple adjustment.
    So find your own weak area and work on it. There is no single route to dieting.
    Sorry for the long post.


  4. Damisola // July 13, 2015 at 13:23 // Reply

    wanted to say sustainable not suitable


  5. Damisola // July 13, 2015 at 13:25 // Reply

    ‘reducing the number of soda’s and fries i take’.


  6. The weight loss thing is on a whole new level entirely. People are so crazy about the diet thing,its good to be fit,its good to be healthy but what most people don’t think of is that what ever works for A will definitely not work for B,like Miss Pynk rightly said,we need to consult professionals in matters like this. Everyone is craving for Kim ass n body so they will gladly do anything to get there. Another annoying ish is the post partum body,for crying out loud it took you 9months to carry that baby,why are you in a hurry to go back to your size or a smaller size? Take time to heal! This kinda crazy idea is what makes women go to the extreme for irrelevant things. The weight won’t drop in a day so take a chill pill and work through the process. Everyone wants to show their tiny waist one week after delivery. Smh.


  7. The waist cincher is the one that gets me. can’t imagine the damage that thing is doing to peoples organs.

    I once tried a no carbs diet for a week. Omo babes was all kinds of dizzy. I’ll pass

    Also a yam and plantain addict. Lord know i can’t do without these 2 in my life.


  8. OAD, how can I explain my love for cakes, plantain, and ice cream. Hmmmm. And I wanna lose weight.

    I ate so much plantain at one time and was eventually placed on a ban, due to side effects of eating too much plantain. Lol.

    I totally agree with your post, you couldn’t have said it better. In this part of the world we are champions when it comes to self medication and self help.


  9. What Dr gave iron to a sickler?? They get folic acid not iron, as the excessive red cell breakdown they go through leaves more than enough iron. I’m embarrassed for him, it’s common knowledge in practice.
    Really, we need to be careful with these fads. Juices are nice and healthy as an add-on. As whole meals? Laughable


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