Nigeria and Inefficiencies Why?

We need answers, well I know I do…
Why must we all go to Abuja to effect a name change on a passport after marriage? There is a passport office in Lagos, they can renew Nigerian passports in Lagos, why can they not process a simple name change in Lagos?

When you get there to the said Abuja Central HQ, they begin to ask for numerous documents- marriage certificate, court change of name, letter applying to change name, consent letter from your husband to use his name…etc.

I try my best not to compare Nigeria and anywhere else, but there is no way you can’t say Nigeria’s sillyness is not ridiculous and grossly inefficient. In the day and age of information technology- i should not have to fly to another state to get a name change when i already have a passport. In the day of advancement i should not have to get a letter from my husband to change my name.

In addition, these lazy people changed the number of pages from 32 to 64 pages, however the Nigerian passport is valid for only 5 years. Why waste our time to renew passports every five years? I had to fly to Abuja to do a name change – and i paid out of my butt to get a damn passport.  Put simply all I spent could get me a holiday in Ghana for the weekend if not more.

Before you say I have started- i changed my Foreign passport – name change and all they requested was the original of my marriage certificate and the form to be filled out. I also took in my current passport at the time. The whole process took about 1hour 30 minutes in terms of waiting..i got my 10 year passport name change approved and was asked to come back in two weeks for pickup.

So it’s far easier to get a foreign passport re-issued in Nigeria than it is to get a Nigerian one re-issued. The Nigerian one also cost three times that of the Foreign one.

Or should we ask America and developed Europe to come and show us how to issue passports same way we asked them to help us locate Boko Haram? 

Nigeria which way forward? When will we stop frustraing ourselves?




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  1. Its almost like we create laws for the sole purpose of frustrating “ourselves”. Getting a new passport is so tedious except you can pay the executive amount. Its like a game with too many hardship levels. All the processes can be streamlined but we refuse to do it. I pray this change will introduce new and better ways for achieving all compulsories.


    • Lifetitudes sometimes i don’t know if there is something in the air we Nigerians breathe that helps us frustrate ourselves.


  2. Lohla's Melange // July 10, 2015 at 14:39 // Reply

    My sister paid double to expedite the process of getting passport for her baby, not only did they name her, (they added a foreign name to hers) it took about a month for it to be ready.


  3. We keep moving backwards. I recall trying to get my passport as well last year. They made me feel they were doing me a favour, not only did I moss my flight, I spend so much on the darn PP.

    They even lost my file, right there, and at some point, they will ask you to wait that the data capture machine isn’t working or one story sha.

    Had to pay some more to get it done in the VIP section, even that one is another wahala, with the VIPs fainting. LOL.

    Its even more upsetting having to get permission from your husband before you do certain things.

    Some days, I just wanna slap someborri.


    • Clare I was not even frustrated compared to what you went through. Its a cluster F like my American friends would say. The letter from the husband had me in confusion, then the fact that the place was like a market was also disgusting. They need to move the validity up to 10 years. If you are going to torture people – every 5 years is too short.


  4. Its like we can’t do things on our own without help from somewhere
    The laws are just put in place to frustrate people if you ask me,long useless procedures


  5. It’s a sorry case, may God help us


  6. Somedays I wonder if the only way forward for naija is to be recolonized.

    The stupidity you see and hear cannot just be explained. please explain what the hell consent to use name means. As if you are not entitled to change your name to anything you desire.

    My friend got married 3 years ago and has still not changed her name cos the thought of going through stress seems much.
    – ticket to fly to abuja
    -accomodation to stay in abj (of course nothing is ever completed in 1 day)
    – Have to go during the week so time off from work.

    Its ridiculous. But nothing is worse than their record keeping skills. The office in NYC still uses exercize book to collect data. I’m like wtf.


    • Bee it can be completed in one day if she is willing to pay VIP oh. But isn’t that part of the problem? We encourage them with the VIP BS because we know they will frustate us if we don’t. Then the VIP process now becomes the norm because they have gotten greedy and realise their God given power. Changing my name was something I wasn’t too keen on, and this process just made it worse. I have told Mr. he has no right to even contemplate a divorce at any point even in hundred years – this passport drama is my sacrificial lamb!

      Your friend should keep her maiden name, she isn’t any less married. Only thing she may face is when travelling with children with a different name from her.


  7. Ah so it’s really true, a colleague of mine was complaining about the name and passport change for his wife and I thought he just wanted to speak English because it sounded so ridiculous. It’s such a shame that things are moving very slow in this country.


  8. It’s not a matter of creating laws to frustrate ourselves. It’s just some silly people feeling and thinking they are filling the need for unnecessary bureaucracy. Where there is no love, obviously the people cannot thrive. We need to begin to think of the next person as ourselves, not even neighbour anymore. God help us


  9. There are 2 points I like to address this subject with.

    -1) The “Nigerian Attitude” Factor – Anything goes & the most painful part is they go unquestioned – We accept virtually everything they throw @ us in Nigeria.

    Why do we still patronise these institutions? The truth is that Someone speaks against the harsh conditions/process, another person shuts you down + is willing to pay even more to secure such item (the passport) on the spot.

    2) Secondly, In the past most of the “Ogas at the Top”; in charge of these ministries & other govt. agencies allow & are used perpetuating these corrupt practices. This is because either they are never reported (the citizens’ fault) & OR when they are, they aren’t prosecuted, sanctioned & or dismissed by the powers that be ( the FG’s fault).

    We hope this wicked trend is stopped or reduced to the barest minimum under the new FG admin.

    In fact forget the FG, where are our Anti-graft Agencies, the EFCC & ICPC? – Nigeria we hail thee!


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