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So this week i have read two books and a paper. I am attempting to going back to reading..that whole being deliberate in my actions to become a better human being..

1. How to Work For Yourself ( 100 ways to make the time, energy and priorities to start a business, book or blog)-  Bryan Cohen – it was free on Amazon. Short and pretty good read if you ask me.

2. Management of Private Schools in Nigeria – By Ibukun Daramola. I am reading this one for obvious reasons. I purchased it directly from the author. 😛

3. Maritime Domain Security Enforcement: by Rear Admiral Ombo (Retired ). It’s actually a 20 page paper. I got it from the Nimarex conference on Tuesday…let me learn something new…I have an opportunity to pitch to a company in the sector…soo might as well read up.

I need to work on my emotions,  i wont pay more than $20 for a book thats not a textbook…the only book i paid that much for was Hilary Clinton’s book, I like free things…need to learn to start acknowledging writers and be willing to pay them for their hardwork.

I purchased off amazon today – The 4 Hour work week and Think & grow rich
..thank God for the Kindle Ipad app. My goal is to read two books a week and minimise downloading free romance novels on Amazon.  Free never hurt nobody but I need to move forward in this life. I have many projects ahead and need to re-evaluate my skills and how they tie in with my purpose and goals…

What are you currently reading or intending on reading? Do you have your reasons for wanting to read a particular book? Recommend books for the rest of us, would you?

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  1. Nice! I’m currently reading the power of a praying woman by Stormie Omartian. I just concluded another book titled taking people with you by David Novak. I must say it’s a great read for managers and entrepreneurs. I also plan on reading one book per week I’ve stacked up the books I’ve got and they are roughly about 16. I’ve also resulted to reading the likes of First aid in English and all.. loool


    • Tumi, wow at one book a week. There are many people with very admirable goals in this community. I am worried I might end up playing kitchen scramble my entire free time next week. lol.


  2. I’m on day 13 of Power of a praying woman as well. I have really learned a lot from and feel God speaking to me through this book. I especially love how she has scriptures and prayers for a lot of things we women struggle with. Definitely worth reading.

    I’m a few pages into ‘Beautiful things happen to women who trust God.’ and also a few pages into Chimamanda’s ‘Beautiful thing around your neck’.

    I get most books by recommendations. I actually have up to 30 books in my iBooks library which I really want to read but sadly no time. 🙁


    • Biola, I have that book and I should read it, but somehow my finger hasn’t tapped it on the kindle app. I have read the ‘Beautiful thing around your neck’ – a while back..Chimamanda writes very well.


  3. Embarking on a reading spree starting August. I plan on reading 10 books every month, I have 22 already in my Amazon cart.
    I cannot wait. Despite my new resolve, like you, I find it hard to pay for a brand new book, as a matter of fact pay more than 10$ for a book coversface#. I think it’s a Nigerian thing.
    My current read: praying through your pregnancy for obvious reasons, so far so good! Highly recommended.
    Could we start a book swap here in Nigeria?
    I have loads of books I’ve outgrown and no one around seems interested in them hehe


    • Brown – how many? are you planning on being at home the entire time doing nothing? Thats 1 book every three days and little brown might have shown up by then ke? Do let us know how it goes..The goal is very admirable.


      • Yup
        I plan on slowing down in the last month of the pregnancy. I’ve been so active these past 7 months my bones and joints are aching.


  4. Ikoya adewale // July 9, 2015 at 08:08 // Reply

    Still busy reading my engineering textbooks like strength of materials, theory of structures, etc… Reading other books has never been my thing except the newspapers


  5. I’m so guilty of looking for free books to download #coversface free is sweet sha. Been a while I read any serious book.


  6. Miss pynk,the ones you recommended the last time I have not finish reading. I only get to read when I’m less busy and these days the only time I am is when I’m fast asleep 🙂 thinking of sparing one hour a day,won’t be a bad idea. I’m always looking to download free books o its not a bad thing na Lol.


    • Sometimes I feel that way about reading Kiki, but i find the more tv i watch – the slower i get.. so I am forcing myself to love reading again. Free books to be frank are often not the simulating type – its usually romance – God help you if you dont download gay erotica thinking it is romance. lol. Awoof dey run belle. Amazon things….


  7. Benjamin // July 9, 2015 at 23:02 // Reply

    Hmmm.. I dont like reading, esp stuffs like novels.. In short wen i pick any book, i’m fond of looking @ d number of pages it has… Wen i see figures like 150, d first thing i do is yawn.. Nd u knw wat that means so i rather prefer reading articles online than in books.. Or beta still.. Sm1 else could read the book and then narrate its content to me


  8. Social Intelligence by Tony Buzan is the thing for me. Enjoying the read too. A friend gave me the book though.


  9. NaijaPikin // July 10, 2015 at 18:21 // Reply

    These days, it seems the only reading I get to do are on flights. sigh!

    I’ve been on an African Literature binge for the past 1 yr. Read some pretty good books. Reading books online feels like work, so for me its hardcover books where i can flip pages and smell the paper 🙂


  10. Am currently about to begin reading “Talent is Overrated”, like many romance novels catch my attention more than others. Am trying to discipline myself.


  11. QuirkyMoi // July 12, 2015 at 20:54 // Reply

    Reading books online seems like hardwork to me. Gimme hardcover any day.

    Been a long time I read any and your write up just made me remember two books I am yet to read. They were given to me during NYSC. I need to go bring them out and read up.


  12. still reading my textbooks,Physcis, Economics,etc need to make time to read more


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