Feedback….on Winners Wednesdays

Hello all, I need your candid feedback on how to run the giveaways or at least ways to diversify the giveaways for fairer competing advantage. I need suggestions on how to even the playing field. I have a few ideas and will likely toy around with them to see what yields better results..

My goal is to have a transparent seemless process – i don’t have the patience to be a monitoring spirit or pick a winner…i have to work full time so I don’t want the site to feel like more work…Figuring out a giveaway is already a mental chore…

My current ideas are

1.raffles – letting a randomizer pick the winner

2. Comment number 150 for instance wins. I would haveto turn on moderation for the said post….

3. The current “likes” process. ..alot happens between 11pm and midnight of the closing day – i have noticed this and a few other things such as the likelihood of robotic voting….

So please do let me know your thoughts….

The week’s giveaway is HERE



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  1. Doing any type of giveaways is always tricky. I think using the likes, time frame or being a particular number of commenter should work? Mehn I dunno jare.

    You could also do trivia questions about you or your blog…


  2. I was gonna second (or third) 🙂 your second idea about stating that a random number.. 1, 7, 10 would win the prize! And then I thought of your other 2 ideas and I started having a slight headache as to what other ideas to suggest! I really don’t envy you as per selecting winners.. ‘you are really “tryings”!’
    So I second (lol) Lohla’s idea on trivia but it may not necessarily be about you or your blog. Since you tend to educate us sometimes on general issues, you can ask general questions or questions on issues happening around the world! (slight headache
    I wish you all the best figuring them out miss pynk! And thank you for always reminding us that giving is a “necessity”!


  3. First of all, God bless for giving from the bottom of your heart.

    I really feel your pain, its rather unfortunate that a good deed from your heart is coming with so much wahala. i think you should go with the randomizer. however, people should post only one comment for each giveaway. if i have any other ideas i will comment again.

    P.S to all those that only show face when there is a giveaway,its not fair. How would feel if you were OAD. it takes alot for her to put this write ups everyday despite her other commitments. the least you can do is encourage her posting your views. it doesnt even have to be on every post, even if its just to type ‘great’ i’m sure it will go a long way. Thank you.


  4. Thank you Zoe,

    Those mo Gbo mo ya commenters God is watching you in 10D.

    I think you should alternate the process.

    Trivia today, random selection tomorrow.

    I’d read up and try to come up with better ideas, I’m sure we will find it.

    Well done.


    • Clare there is little one can do about mogbo moya people. I will work on refining the process of giveaways. I need it to be simple- i dont have he luxury of counting comments or selecting winners etc…i still have to earn a living. Lol


  5. Miss pynk may God bless your giving heart n it is sad that in giving u go through quite a lot.. Lol robotic voting?? .. I think u should just let the guy get the gift because the rule was whoever gets the highest number of likes at the end.. whether he manufactured them or not.. As we all observed about 5 competitors were also going for the prize at quite an alarming speed.. And u encouraged them with ur comment about them being hustlers.. So just let that go the way it has gone, it’s gon’ save u from a lot trust me… For the rest let it be however u feel it should go but alternate the methods. . And care less about who wins at the end because u are giving to the public and it could be anyone… U’ve done your part that way u can only add baning previous winners from contesting again… Just my opinion sha o


    • Kayode thanks for stopping by. Yes oh robots voted. I have nullified it because several parties were guilty. Folks should understand I do this from my own pocket and while no one is forcing me to do it…i shouldnt feel like I am being robbed and slapped in the process. I value fairness in all things and hence my attempts to make these giveaways as transparent as possible. Believe me, doing the verification is more work than its worth, but no one likes to be taken advantage of. I have put the laptop back up, i have no intentions of keeping once again people can go ahead and do their thing.


  6. Lol…


  7. This is how people ruin a good thing. I can understand that they probably really wanted it though, I should know- I’m in dire need of a laptop and short on cash cos I just paid rent…
    Anyhow, ms pynk I think the randomizer idea is good, the new one of getting people to reply to a comment is also good cos more people need to read this awesome blog. No wash


  8. Mehn na wa o! Why cheat on here knowing the effort put to make it happen?


  9. NaijaPikin // July 10, 2015 at 21:11 // Reply

    I like the reply to a comment. It limits the possibility of using robots to generate likes.

    Naija people why do we always ruin a good thing. ah ah. People need to realize you cannot cheat your way to victory/success. May God help us sha.

    We complain about our leaders but we are not any better. Sorry to say, anything obtained by dubious means can never be truly enjoyed.


  10. About the mo gbo mo ya commenters…some religiously read these posts but it’s not all that easy dropping comments and all.
    I’m guilty. Sometimes ,I read in the middle of so many things and I can’t help it. I read and comment in my head/heart.
    I’ll try to drop comments once in a while. E ma binu


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