Yes you guessed it correctly, this post is about this website….because i keep getting people who ask me why the site exists…

The site was started in 2013 simply to write down my thoughts and heavily document my obsession with excercise at the time. It was also intended to just explore being single, my career progression, my cultural identity (at my age- i grapple with this) and many such things that affected me and women in general to a certain extent (notice my husband has never appeared facially in pictures- very intentional – he deserves his privacy and its not about him).

One absolute from the beginning was no gossip….In my few years of existence, i have been talked about by people that had no clue who i was or was even about. I heard I was a low-key runs babe in this same Lagos. I have heard the “who does she think she is comments”. Maybe if i wasn’t on the receiving end of such virtriol i might have felt differently about it..Gossip easily destroys lives, so i try my best to limit my engagement in it. I am not above it, but like i said it is far from my intentions.

Pynk360- i love the color pink, any shade and it makes my day. No I dont wear pink everyday, but it’s a colour that makes me happy (and i do own the most ridiculous items in Fuschia Pink – think luggage etc). The site is about coming full circle as a woman, it’s about growth, discovering and embracing purpose. The site has also evolved into an attempt to seek out the opinions of others. Our journeys as women is everything- the destination is minor compared to the journey.

It’s simply about everything and about nothing…as it concerns women.

I have gotten a multitude of advice on ways to make the site a surebanker, controversial topics to attract more readers etc. One thing I have always told myself- blogging isn’t meant to make me famous. I have no interest in being famous – if it generates passive income for me- all the better but its not the goal of it existing. I believe my intellectual prowess and attempt at smart work will speak on my behalf at some point. I will not discuss topics I cannot relate to, unless i feel they may be beneficial to others. So you are unlikely see a topic here that reads “Rihanna wears red panties to the club”. 😰

My mantra is for progression and not regression, whatever it is even if it is a rant, i try to make as much sense as possible.

Pynk360 is a platform for a journey..I am not rhe same person I was when I started the website as I am not, I have navigated death, births, more gossip, marriage, career changes etc…and my hope is that people will see it for just that (a journey attempting to work through the different emotions and issues) and we all learn together and from each other.

In truth I don’t know how long this site will exist or if guest writers and such will ever come along. I don’t know how life will be when kids show up, when my other many pursuits manifest etc. Maybe we’ll move to v-logs at that point. I don’t know. My goal is simply to give it my best while i can.

This post was inspired by Necole Bitchie who quit blogging after 8 or so years. No I am not qutting at least not anytime soon…i wonder if when I am 40 anyone will want to read what I have to say though…😅. I actually enjoy blogging and many times struggle with what to share and what not to share in terms of relevance.

– “If I’m not relevant for the right reasons, I’d rather not be relevant at all”. – Necole  Bitchie.




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  1. Those colors made my day


  2. Great and honest thoughts indeed. You owe it to yourself and readers to stay true to your ideals and goals that you have for your blog. And that quote by necole is gold. Best wishes!


  3. what Necole Bitchie said


  4. When you do things that makes you happy and fulfilled,every other thing is secondary. Just do your thing,funny this is the only blog I comment on,because its different from the norm and no one is trying to bite each other’s head off.


  5. QuirkyMoi // July 8, 2015 at 01:23 // Reply

    All pink er’rthing…lol

    Like you wrote being relevant for the right reasons is matters. And I believe this what we as individuals should strive towards. This would surely save us from a lot of things to a large extent.

    The blog is quite enligthening and it also covers a lot of areas/issues. Yet to go through it all though but looking forward to doing so.lol


  6. All shades of pink in here.

    It’s very hard having original content on a daily basis.

    Well done Pynk and 100 gbosa’s to you.

    I duff my hat.


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