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On a daily basis we run, walk, sit into people who we make assumptions about who end up surprising us. This last weekend I was introduced to two different people and honestly i felt somewhat ashamed. Let me explain….

I am not a person who gives as much as I would like to. I believe i give less than what I am capable of and this is as a result of my personality. While I am bubbly sometimes, I dislike processes, especially in Nigeria. In the past i have given specifically to women and children. I am of the opinion that men are generally better positioned in society than women and children.

The two people i met, one is from Boko Haram territory – when i heard of different things he did within his community i was floored. He didnt tell me that himself, it was the person that inteoduced him to me that told me in confidence. I also met a 27 year old that does prison outreach.

My own calling has always been women and children.  I actually have a registered a foundation and I am working on some ideas to see what is feasible and effective. God help me, because some days i wear so many hats i start getting confused.

Do you meet people who make you reflective? How do you feel about doing for those who have absolutely nothing to offer you in return? Or are you even struggling to keep your own head above water that its hard for you to consider someone else?




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  1. I always feel glad when i can help and when i do help, i expect nothing in return.


    • Ms Lily I think many people get stuck at the expecting nothing in return part…sort of when you are in need you somehow hope someone else will come to your rescue.


  2. i do make it a point of necessity to always give (my giving is not restricted to money alone). If you do need help with your women and children foundation, do holla, although i wouldn’t be available till the last quarter of the year.


  3. There’s nothing like too little to give. Folks who can’t give when they have $1 will not give when they have $1M.

    You can give so mannnnnny free items that would be more helpful than money self.

    I pray for my 2 friends that are stand out in the giving dept. Soup kitchens, support for idps due to book haram, support for education, healthcare. They just don’t stop. Motivation for me to step up.


    • Bee i know what you mean. My mom has a saying about certain people “I have never told them thank you”…lol. And these people have or are perceived to have millions – I believe giving and sharing should be a part of the education system where children are taught to share and serve each other early on. I went to my nephew’s school in the state at lunch time and the four year olds were in charge of serving their classmates. The food is brought in service bowls, the other classmates line up with their plates and the servers for the day (other four year olds) – serve the entire classroom then serve themselves. They are also encouraged to ask their course mate being served if the food is enough. And servers are rotated everyday.


  4. First off, I believe there’s a kinda wrong line in this post. Since I’ve joined the readership of this blog, I’ve seen a tablet giveaway, shoes, jewellry, and two laptop (one pending). With that, I think you have tried. No one should say you give less than you should have.

    Personally, I like to give to. From the little I have, I try to make sure there’s a smile on every face I could possibly touch.


    • Christopher thanks..maybe i should have said I am not doing as much as I would like to..in terms of putting smiles on people’s faces.


  5. It certainly is a great thing to meet people who inspire, and make us reflect on our ways and what we are giving back to society most especially. Nice of you to share.


  6. Giving is one thing I enjoy doing a lot apart from sleeping 🙂 the smile you leave on their faces is what bless my heart. Nothing is too small to give. I know some random people like that e.g my mum.


    • Kiki, your mom sounds like my mom. My mom can call to thank you for N200 credit – i sit there and I am like but you just finished the credit…taah. lol.


  7. I think OAD that you inspire in a much different way.
    The way you’re in awe with these random people is the way other feel in awe of you!

    At the end of the day we are like he different parts of the human body- with different functions, even though one admires the others none is more important than the others.

    I’m sure you get my drift some are good with giving their time- others their intellect- some material stuff and energy.
    That someone gives a lot of their energy doesn’t mean there’s a silent giver who backed up the giving financially. You’re smart enough to catch my drift.

    I just wished the top 1% in Nigeria gave more of their finances to run the establishments of those that are passionate in giving other parts of themselves.



    • Thanks Brown, you know how we see ourselves is often different from how people see us. We all do have something different to offer at the end of the day, so I guess it is honing on whatever it is.

      As for the top 1% in Nigeria, arent some of those people responsible for part of the lack we have? Some of them are so entrenched in corruption its amazing – I believe all of us as Nigerians are corrupt – discussion for another day….


  8. I always feel bad that i do not do enough. Last Sunday’s sermon was on prosperity and questions were asked about the reason why we yearn for more riches. Is it for the good of others or just for our own good. I felt deeply ashamed that i had been selfish in my asking and i left church in a reflective mood. Working on doing more….


    • Lifetitudes, please don’t feel bad. Nigeria is such that till you have more money than you can possibly spend – it makes little sense. We are often too busy chasing basic comforts that we tend to overlook others. May we find our way.


  9. I like happy people if I find myself in a situation to help I always do just to put a smile on someone’s face


  10. QuirkyMoi // July 3, 2015 at 22:47 // Reply

    You are one of the people who make me reflective…

    Will endeavour to do more…Lord help me


  11. www.thelmathinks.com // July 4, 2015 at 10:14 // Reply

    I never feel bad that I don’t do enough. Because I know I do. My only struggle is pushing harder and getting more so that I can do more. Lord, nothing gives me greater pleasure than giving, especially when I get nothing in return but a genuine smile of happiness. The best kind of giving is the kind where the receipient is completely unexpectant and ecstatic because a need they had no idea how it would be satisfied, was just taken care of.
    My daily prayer; God bless my hands so that I can do more. Barely an hour before I opened this post I was thinking of registering my own foundation (in the process of registering one with someone but this is more centered around woman empowerment, widows and divorcees etc), where I can cater solely to indigent children. When I can feed at least 100 children a week I’ll know I’ve begun.

    I meet people on the daily, either in real life or on the Internet whose works inspire me and make me reflect. OAD you’re one of such people BTW.


    • Thelma Thanks. I wish you luck with the foundation. I like that you have set a goal for feeding 100 children weekly. I try to set the goals for the one i registered, and I keep finding myself saying – oh i might not be able to meet up etc. My goal is school kits and libraries across school on annual basis…may we accomplish our heart’s purpose.


  12. I’m so inspired.

    I think giving is a calling. Some people won’t give to save their own lives. While others will give until it hurts.

    I just love the fact that lives are changed by a singular act of kindness.

    Even a kin word goes a long way. Sometimes, when I don’t have the funds or material thing to give out. I simply reach out, say a kind word, a word of prayer and encouragement.

    I really want to and pray to do much more. There’s too much suffering in the land.

    God bless you OAD.


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