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Hey everyone, I wasnt going to post today even though i have some ready postable posts…did that make any sense? Something struck me this morning as I lay in bed, the second half of the year has started, and its only right I do a rehash of the first half as it may encourage someone else to do an inventory and also be grateful. So below are the things I was able to undertake or realise in H1.

God– my relationship with God has been phenomenal this year. I am not exactly sure why, but it ties in with greater inner peace. There isn’t much anyone can do that will throw me off completely or give me a nervous breakdown from where I can see. I am beyond grateful for the increasing levels of peace.

I came back to Lagos after a trying period of death in the family. I watched my family breakdown and rebuild..all I can say is God is faithful, he is love, he is everything.

Work – after being absent for the first two months of the year, my pick up was major. The level of grace and favor I have had work wise is unbelievable. Somedays I ask God- Is this me? I even dodge some people who are looking for me to give me work- imagine. I have been dodging a particular client for two weeks now, I really should call today. I am also re-adjusting my pricing. ..

This Site– this site/ blog – i am not too fond of calling it a blog even though that’s what it is- i feel the word has been over abused. I am grateful for this site, it has taught me many things. The community members have taught me many things, I have also learnt a lot about myself and I keep learning in the process. In the past I have owned about 5 blogs and this one survived two years. Two years of original content is not a joke,  many times i write a post and think i said the same thing two weeks ago, or I am contradicting something I wrote months prior- for me it shows growth.

With enough encouragement, I rebuilt the site into a brilliant awesomness of the color pink – even when i am having a bad day, the color pink makes me smile and happy. I had never built a site prior to this, I merely used simpler templates. For me the existence of this site is an achievement and the fact that people want to read what I have to say makes me feel I am doing the right thing by keeping the site active and working on it constantly to make it a better experience.

It also reinforces my theory that non-mainstream things have a place in our society – I am a woman but I don’t know much about fashion, relationships (we are all experimenting if you ask me), i don’t know much about life either. I simply write on the things i suspect to be my own version of the truth and I am able to sleep well at night knowing that I made the decision to share that truth.

The site also reinforced the spirit of giving for me..”people will forget the things you said and did, but they will never forget how you made them feel”- Maya Angelou. I don’t believe that people can’t afford the giveaways on this site, but I believe we lift each other’s spirits when we give..I learnt that from giving things to my mom…and a few others in my short life. I have also been given many things and some of them I have absolutely no use for, but if you see me at that point in time it’s like I won the lottery….

Marriage – to be frank, i have heard horror stories about marriage and that first year. Me being me had suspicions about how the first year would be. I can be difficult for no absolute reason, but I can honestly say my first year of marriage was probably one of the easiest things i have undertaken. I don’t even remember my undergraduate years being so conflict free (i was caught up between not wanting to study, sleep and going to class whenever )- lol.

H1 didn’t leave me as a billionaire, but I am grateful for good health, goodwill, the presence of God in my life and mostly peace of mind.

What are you grateful for in H1 2015?




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  1. I woke up yesterday morning and realised its 1st of July,I smiled because I couldn’t believe its the 7th month,so much has happened in the last six months and all I could say is Thank you Lord. I have grown,really grown in every area of my life.
    I stalled my Ngo project for six years but I was able to start it this year.
    My relationship with God has been super awesome,you just never know how much Grace he gives until you learn to trust Him.
    The reason why I don’t do resolutions is because it limits me and I’m a very spontaneous person,you just can’t predict what I will be up to next.so no guideline for H2,just live each day at a time. H2 is sure going to be great 🙂 I can perceive it.


    • Kiki i feel you. I don’t do resolutions, I never keep them. I just set goals i wish to accomplish and when i dont make them I dont beat myself up. I am glad you were able to start your NGO, I am ashamed to say I have been working on an idea for a few years, and I always manage spinning myself in a circle with it – even though the NGO is registered already and stuff.

      One big thing is just learning to trust God and do my best. All else tends to fall into place.


  2. Nice rehash. You seem to have done quite well for yourself. Gratitude is a wonderful to have, it keeps you satisfied and successful eventually. I am happy for you and pray H2 brings you even bigger blessings.



    • Buki its God oh. because even me I can’t understand the level of grace and favor. While I know I am not a lazy person on most days, the amount of work refferrals and stuff I have gotten is ridiculous.

      PS: I stopped by your site. Love it love it. I tried not to leave too many comments. lol.


  3. I pray H2 brings more blessings


  4. QuirkyMoi // July 2, 2015 at 22:03 // Reply

    Grateful for life,health and peace of mind. I give thanks to HIM because I know in this second half of the year, HE has made all things beautiful.


  5. Grateful for so many things. Having a healthy baby despite the challenges. Taking a leap of faith and leaving an organization that I invested my sweat in.
    Being at peace with my self.
    Having a clearer perspective about what I should be doing in my life- changing lives, evoking change, making a difference and being a part of something much bigger than myself.
    Having God as my everything and more.

    Here is a toast to H2. I’m certain it will unfold many blessings.

    Oyinda, you are beautiful in and out. God bless you.


    • Clare it’s hard to work away from something you put your sweat into. When i heard you introduce yourself yesterday I was thinking this babe is bold oh. H2 will be better than H1, and blessings beyond our comprehension will unfold right before our own very eyes.


  6. I have to say thanks be to God.
    He has given me: peace and love; blessed(ing) the work of my hands; good health; and He is doing even more!
    I still have to improve certain aspects of my life. But I know it will be all good.


  7. Attitude of gratitude keeps the blessings coming.

    – clarity and maturity. It’s like I got a new set of eyes to view the world, cos i see things differently.


  8. i started H2 with sickness, still very sick


  9. @Kay sorry to hear that. Will say a prayer for you today. Hope you feel better soon. (Plenty hugs)


  10. Late to the party but will still comment.. grateful for life ‘cuz’ where there’s life, there’s hope! The first half of the year was full of highs and lows.. a lot of times I felt I wasn’t ‘progressing’ especially as regards work and often times envied hubby who seemed to be enjoying his ‘stressful work’..lol (covers.face).. I realized my problem was “lack of gratitude” which probably ‘prevented’ my prayers from being answered! But I’m learning to be grateful for ‘small mercies’ and prayerfully believing God for a much better second half of the year. Amen.
    This line..”people will forget the things you said and did, but they will never forget how you made them feel”- Maya Angelou.. is one of my favorites when I listen to the ad on tv as well as “making a life is not the same as making a living”..
    P.s- most of your articles inspire me and sometimes I’m like “haba! this miss pynk seems to have it all together!” but I try not to ‘hate’..lol! So thank you miss pynk and may we all experience a more beautiful rest of the year! Amen.xx
    P.s.s-sowie for my long comment!


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